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Things have been going steadily south for law enforcement and the average citizen of Washington. After over a decade of demonizing law enforcement officers – which ramped up significantly last year – Washington passed law enforcement legislation with little regard for how the details would ultimately be interpreted or what they would mean for the […]

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Dispatch from Washington State: Doubling Down on Failure


Here are some news items from the State of Washington and the City of Seattle; please note that the state and city are run by Leftists through and through.

First, items relating to the pandemic.  Two weeks ago, our Dictator closed all state restaurants for inside dining, closed gyms, and reduced capacity allowed at all indoor retail establishments, including grocery stores for a 4-week period.  This was a response to “surging coronavirus cases” in the state.  Please also note that the Dictator is issuing these rules from his desk, with no input from the elected state legislature.

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This is about what you expect. This week, the King County Council approved, in an unanimous vote, to assign to some “Community Groups”, the authority to determine punishments for “Some Felons”. Read the article-it’s exactly what it says. We all know about the legislature giving its power to administrative agencies. Now, the Judiciary is delegating […]

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Washington State Voters Double Down on Democrat Destruction


May I add my disgust at the results of Tuesday’s election. I am ashamed to be a resident of the state where the voters vote themselves higher taxes, boondoggle projects that waste their dollars (choo-choo train that 1 percent of the population will ride), essentially disarm their police (after I 940 passes with 60 percent support, police will be regulated to death and almost have to ask the criminal’s permission to respond with deadly force — the initiative curbs police violence!); disarm themselves with gun regulations (I 1639 adds more onerous regulation of legal firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, thus reducing every citizen’s ability to defend himself from the increasing crime, especially in cities); and make all the more certain that more ineffective social programs are coming.

The voters of WA sent an abortion-supporting Pediatrician (!) to Congress, turning Blue a district that has been Red for many years; voted down their loudest voice in the State House against the predations of un-Sound Transit (I wish Mark Harmsworth much luck and prosperity in the rest of his life, and mourn that I do not live in his district), and sent even more D’s to the state legislature. [And the Board of un-Sound Transit is about to give the Capo di Tutti Capi a big raise — on my dime]. I always knew my own district was a lost cause (the ass with the perpetual sneer who is not my “representative” in Congress received 72 percent of the vote) and the entire state is even a bigger lost cause now. Of the ten WA congressional districts, seven are now represented by Democrats.

Race to the Middle?


A former state GOP chair and a former Democrat lawmaker in Washington State are coming together with a few others to form Washington Independents. The stated goal is to:

reshape and reform our political system by electing independents to office in Washington State. We will support and encourage centrist, thoughtful candidates who will put our country and state ahead of any political faction in order to solve problems.

Sure, it sounds a little like the “no labels” movement of a few years ago, except that being aligned with the Centrist Project involves some actual principles. I normally think those in the middle haven’t made up their minds and don’t know what they stand for, but this movement states things like “We are committed to putting the nation on a sound fiscal path. We recognize that this will require a combination of revenue increases, spending cuts and reforms to our major entitlement programs.” I appreciate that such a statement recognizes both the input and output problems we face.

Supreme Court Rules Against First Amendment


The Stormans family.

The left has won the culture war, and now they’re roaming the countryside shooting the wounded. The Supreme Court quietly endorsed progressives’ mop-up operation by refusing to hear the case of Kevin Stormans who had his life turned upside-down by government bureaucrats in Washington state.

Washington State Constitutional Crisis


imageA few months back, I wrote about the crazy battle between Washington State’s supreme court and state legislature over education funding. The short version of the story is that the state constitution imposes the “paramount” duty on the legislature “to make ample provision for the education of all children.” The state has been sued repeatedly over a supposed failure to live up to this duty, and the court has sided against the legislature, demanding it square itself away. Last September, the legislature was found in contempt of the court. Now that the legislative session has ended, the court has evaluated their work and found it wanting:

After the close of the session and following several special sessions, the State has offered no plan for achieving full constitutional compliance by the deadline the legislature itself adopted. Accordingly, this court must take immediate action to enforce its order. Effective today, the court imposes a $100,000 per day penalty on the State for each day it remains in violation of this court’s order…this penalty may be abated in part if a special session is called and results in full compliance.

The state education unions are, of course, pleased:

The Sky Hasn’t Fallen On Colorado’s Roads


25 SouthWhen Washington State and Colorado voters legalized marijuana in 2012, many worried that the decision would lead to mayhem on the Evergreen and Centennial states’ roadways.

The good thing about experimentation, however, is that you get results.  As the adviser to Washington’s state-appointed board overseeing the implementation put it, the repeals offer a chance for the nation to learn about the effects of legalization:

If Washington does this right, we’ll learn something. If they do it in some sensible way and it crashes and burns—the system doesn’t work at all, we get a massive increase in use by minors, carnage on our highways—then we’ve also learned something about the cannabis-legalization experiment that the next person might learn from.

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The State of Washington was one of the Blue states that built their own ObamaCare Exchange, and wholeheartedly expanded their Medicaid program (with the admittedly temporary increase in Federal funding). I recently read an article in my local Everett Herald newspaper, about a survey the legislature is contemplating, of state doctors about the effects of […]

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