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Jim and Greg are back for the third round of their prestigious Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they discuss the biggest lies of 2022, with Jim focusing on our economy and Greg opting for an infuriating falsehood connected to our elections. Then, they reveal their choices for the best and worst political theater of 2022.

Join Jim and Greg as they breathe a tentative sigh of relief at news that the Senate now seems unlikely to pass a bipartisan immigration bill that seems heavy on amnesty and light on border security. While they are pleased to see Brittney Griner coming home after spending most of the year in a Russian jail, Jim outlines three reasons why exchanging her for Viktor Bout – a convicted arms dealer to terrorists – is “infuriating.” Perhaps worst is the message it sends to Russia and bad actors all over the world. Finally, they roll their eyes as Sen. Warnock and other Democrats insist there was voter suppression in Georgia despite record turnout and Warnock’s win.

Join Jim and Greg as they assess how the Georgia Senate run-off will be impacted by Gov. Kemp firing up his get-out-the-vote machine on behalf of Herschel Walker. Jim also walks us through the basics of the FTX implosion and the impact on our politics. Finally, they roll their eyes as another public protest from outgoing Twitter employees convinced many users that the platform was about to implode and the site turned into a death vigil.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two bad martinis and a crazy one with a good aftertaste. First, they break down the latest warnings from Mansfield Energy that several states are already impacted by the diesel shortage on our country , some may have to go without fuel for short stretches, and prices will be going up. They also continue to wish Paul Pelosi a speedy recovery but slam President Biden for trying to turn the violent actions of a drug-addled nudist into an indictment of the Republican Party. And they shake their heads as Stacey Abrams says Gov. Brian Kemp is endorsed by 107 Georgia sheriffs because they “want to be able to take black people off the streets.” Jim says it’s another sign that Abrams is likely to lose and may take down Sen. Raphael Warnock with her.

Join Jim and Greg as they sort through the allegations against Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker from The Daily Beast and his own family – and what the impact will be on the campaign. They also roll their eyes as President Biden claims to have been raised politically in the Puerto Rican community. And they sigh over another emerging international hot spot, as North Korea fires a long-range ballistic missile that alarms Japan and appears to show the communist regime getting more competent with the technology.

Join Jim and Greg to help you through a tough day for conservatives. First, they cringe as it appears Democrats won both Senate races in Georgia because a lot of Republicans didn’t show up. They also discuss how a Chuck Schumer-led Senate means a rough two years are in store for conservatives. And despite a lot of anticipation for dramatic action at today’s Joint Session of Congress on the 2020 Electoral College vote, they explain why there’s not much Vice President Pence or any other Republicans can do to reverse the outcome.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for cranking out as many judicial confirmations as possible before the end of the session. They also discuss the truly crazy comments of Georgia Senate hopefuls Rev. Warnock comparing the GOP tax cuts to Herod’s slaughter of babies in Bethlehem and Jon Ossoff being clueless on the job of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And they shake their heads as officials in Austin, Texas, finally realize that shutting down and defunding the police cadet academy was probably a bad idea.

Join Jim and Greg as they wrap up the week with three big stories. First, they recoil at the radical anti-Israel statement from Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock. They also fire back at the Democrat in Texas who wants to limit when you can defend your life and property. And they react to a Los Angeles Times editor urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign so Gov. Gavin Newsom can appoint both black and Latino senators.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Republicans for keeping a treasure trove of opposition research on Raphael Warnock quiet until the Georgia Senate runoff. Now  they are highlighting Warnock’s radical statements on many different issues. They also walk through a number of burdensome new COVID restrictions, including Pennsylvania’s requirement to wear masks in your own home if you have guests, and contrast that with politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom who don’t think the rules apply to them. And they get a kick out of watching Bernie Sanders supporters become deeply disappointed with Joe Biden as he names corporate figures to most positions in his inner circle.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that Moderna’s new coronavirus vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective. They also look at the Georgia runoffs, hos history is on the GOP’s side, and how the opposition research on Rev. Warnock is now flowing freely. And they react to Georgia Democrats assuming Stacey Abrams will run for governor again in 2022.