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Reflections of a Poll Worker: The Ugly, the Bad and the Good


Yesterday was my trial by fire, also known as working for the first time at a polling place in Florida during a hotly contested mid-term election. Getting up at 4:30 am for a 6 am arrival isn’t fun, but I made sure I had some coffee before we opened the polls. I was one of six Book Inspectors who discovered the worst parts, the ugliest parts and the best parts of being a poll worker in Polk County, Florida. So what were my observations?

The Ugly Parts

Our Supervisor of Elections is a terrific woman and clearly dedicated to her job. But the system sucks. I won’t take you through the details of being a Book Inspector, but it was crazy to have four people lined up alphabetically in front of one Inspector while three other people waited to be helped. The polling room was too small, ballots had to be completed by hand, and the ballots were so long that the back-up just to enter a booth was ridiculous. But we had a dedicated population who hardly complained at all, at least to us, about the wait. I understand that serious, competent research must be done to upgrade the system, especially due to all the controversy in the last several years about balloting systems, and I hope improvements will be made in the next two years. This voter and poll worker will be writing to the Supervisor to find out more about their plans.