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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Presidential Ukraine Phone Transcript: Nothingburger? Not Exactly.

President Donald Trump // shutterstock.com

President Trump has declassified and released the transcript of his phone conversation in July with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy (See our post here.) The transcript is a complete nothingburger when it comes to the loony Left’s (and NeverTrumper’s) insane desire to remove President Trump from office. Trump did not, as had been alleged by partisan hacks in the Fake News, threaten to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless they gave him dirt on Biden. (Why this would have been an impeachable offense is not clear to me, in any case.)

Some people are suggesting that, like a Rorschach test, the transcript reveals different things to different people. Those who hate Trump will use it against him, those who love him will use it to defend him. Sure. Absolutely. This has been the case with many things over the past three years. But here’s the thing: Some people have a track record of being wrong, and other people have a track record of being proven right by the facts. The people who told you yesterday the transcript would show Trump had corruptly threatened Ukraine with withholding military aid in exchange for opposition research on a potential rival were wrong