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My dad was very frugal. I remember his persistent nagging to live within our means, to do more with less, to conserve the environment. So, naturally, Dad drove a ’66 Beetle. This was his dream car. Heat was controlled by two slider knobs either side of the parking brake (front and rear – dual zone climate […]

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Volkswagen, the EPA, and Latter-day Indulgences


Volkswagen Group’s stock price has collapsed 30 percent since news broke last week that the company doctored engine management software to conceal tailpipe emissions exceeding EPA standards. Why would a global corporation risk an estimated $18 billion in fines and penalties to eke a bit more mileage out of a diesel power plant that is already remarkably thrifty and powerful? The figure below tells the story in one chart.

CAFE Standards

Schadenfreude und Das Auto


Do you remember the Green Police ad for Volkswagen Group’s Audi brand? The spot ran during the 2010 Super Bowl and depicts an Orwellian dystopia where citizens are subject to arrest for possession of a plastic bag or incandescent lightbulb, and overheating the hot tub really gets you in hot water.