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Join Jim and Greg as they highlight the economic devastation Vladimir Putin is bringing upon his own country  by waging the war on Ukraine. They also express concern about prominent figures suggesting the U.S. and NATO launch drone strikes against the Russian convoys because that could easily lead to very ugly outcomes. And from actions from the International Cat Federation to attacks on Russian-themed restaurants, many are going too far in their attempt to condemn the Russian regime.

Vodka: More Than Floor Polish


shutterstock_177572543This is the second in an occasional series concerning the role of vodka in Russian life and culture. It is offered primarily for its practical value, and not in the spirit of building bridges of peace and understanding through positive dialogue between peoples, and so forth. In my experience, positive dialogue and greater understanding are likely to lead to more mutual scorn, contempt and low regard, not less.

As I explained in the first post in this series, Russians have a deep and dysfunctional love affair with vodka. To a Russian, vodka is not just an efficient vehicle for delivery of alcohol into the bloodstream: it is an all-purpose tonic for life’s physical and spiritual ills.

But there’s more. Vodka is also the Swiss Army knife of distilled spirits. It is a sort of cross between holy water, peyote, and duct tape. The following is actual folk wisdom from the Russian internet regarding vodka’s many uses. Please understand, I am not claiming that it is good advice. I offer it for entertainment purposes only and make no representations or warranties regarding the safety or effectiveness of these uses. Also, by reading through to the end of this sentence, you agree to waive all claims of liability against me and assume all risk in connection therewith.

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I offer the following guide as a service to the Ricochet Community, and also because I’ve decided to sit out the current political silly season, and instead focus on the one thing that really matters. Russian history begins with alcohol dependency (and it will most likely end that way too, the way things are going). […]

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