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My friends here, as well as the larger public, have recently had to put up with my complaints about the philistinism of our political alliance. Some of us here believe conservatives should be investing in what we call the culture. Well, one part of that work is a defense of Christianity. & one part of that is telling well the true stories of Christian sacrifice & service in America. Conservative men of principle & moderation do not seem to care much about that; one Catholic man of very questionable morality & character has done it again–I’m talking about Mr. Mel Gibson.


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Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.33.08 PMYou’ll be forgiven for not appreciating the extent to which gun-rights advocates have enjoyed success comparable to that of same-sex marriage and marijuana decriminalization advocates over the past decade.

With each mass shooting — most recently the racist massacre in Charleston – progressives show a mix of arrogance and disdain: arrogance aboout their own virtue and disdainful of Americans’ exceptional attitude toward guns. But everyone involved knows that when the gun grabbers’ moment in the sun passes, it’s the gun nuts who eventually carry the day.