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Set in the fictional town of Villeneuve during the years of the German occupation and afterwards, this French series (which ran from 2009 thru 2017 on French TV) is simply outstanding – one of the best television series I have ever seen. Daniel Larcher is a physician who also serves as deputy mayor, a largely […]

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The Republican Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood Was a Good Start: Keep It Up


Planned Parenthood has not been defunded, and probably never will be. Republicans gave it a go, but, as Ricochet editor Tom Meyer explains, the votes were not there, Obama would have vetoed the measure anyway, and the Democrats would have another arrow in the quiver of their self-righteousness in their constant war on those who they see prosecuting the war on women. Practically speaking, the move was doomed before it hit the floor. As a sad and disappointed lifelong prolifer, I will concede the pragmatic point of view.

Nonetheless, the barbarism and unfathomable cruelty of Planned Parenthood (and other abortion factories) simply must be challenged.