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In the Face of Victim Privilege, Truth Outs Itself at the University of Minnesota


I don’t write all that many posts whose primary purpose is to link to another webpage and discuss, either in terms of stern outrage or drooling hagiography, what is being said elsewhere. (I suppose it’s because, in defiance of the old adage, I’d actually rather do my own copious and–I think–generally effective, barking.) On the rare occasions that I do link to such pages, it’s usually to celebrate good news (photographer in lockdown captures amazing photos of wild birds through kitchen window) or to have a robust belly-laugh at the antics of fools (Google “AOC” and start anywhere).

Once in a great while, though, one of the sites that I follow in a desultory fashion (no “push” notifications here), comes up with a gem that I think is worth sharing. Powerline threw up one such, just yesterday: Defund The Bastards.

It seems that a student at the University of Minnesota was stopped by university cops (so, not the actual Minnesota Police Department which, Lord knows, has had its own set of public relations disasters over the past few years), who were investigating an armed robbery on campus in the wee hours of February 1. The encounter with law enforcement was so horrific that this student felt compelled to tell his story on Instagram. Naturally, the brutality of the officers, and the suffering he experienced at their hands, plays a huge role in his recounting. A portion of his Instagram post follows:

Résumé Enhancements for Democrat Women Candidates


Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh for the phrase “résumé enhancement.” The Wall Street Journal did an article last week (no link, behind paywall) on the many women running for Congress around the country. Here are some of the attributes and actions the Democrats used to further their campaigns.

Erin Collier, running in Upstate New York, stated in her March campaign announcement that “I’m not going to let those boys beat me.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome Donald Trump’s nominations of Rep. Tom Price and Elaine Chao.  We also debate whether Trump should seriously consider David Petraeus given his history of improperly handling classified information.  And we discuss the absurd victim complex of the Ohio State terrorist.