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Poor Harry, Poor Me


I admit that I am not a close follower of the British royals or anything, but I cannot help but hear about them whenever they make news. That being said, I am open to correction on anything I get wrong since I am not interested enough to do a lot of homework on it.

The latest kerfuffle has been caused by Prince Harry in his memoir, Spare. The term “spare” refers to the ancient practice of making sure the king had at least two male heirs who could become king when the king himself died. Until recently, life was much more uncertain than it is now and children frequently died. So it was prudent for a king to produce more than one possible heir to the throne, hence the term “heir and a spare.” As we are all well aware, Harry is the ‘spare’ and his brother William is the ‘heir.’

Loving Pain as Given: A Review of Heroes, a Dark Twist on the Grateful Acre


For B, and other youth whose grateful acres host, if not prairies, at least patchy meadows. And for Gary McVey.

It’s been a year since Will Arbery’s play, Heroes of the Fourth Turning, took the conservative Catholic blogosphere – or rather, that part able to see the play or a private script – by storm. Now the script is available to the public. I ordered my copy here. If you can afford to, read it. Theaters remain closed, but the theater of imagination richly rewards reading a play. Reading reveals motifs easy to miss when a play just happens to you in performance and you can’t revisit it. This review addresses unspoken pressures, like the prosperity gospel (which may not influence orthodox Christians’ theology, but can influence their social expectations), behind what conservatives speculate is Heroes’ demonic finale, the “We” who may, or may not be, Legion.