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Cancel Culture Is by, and for, the Very Online


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I recently watched a botched cancellation attempt in Chicago. It said a lot about the cancellers.

A handful of Asian-American restaurateurs went to the Trump rally in D.C. that preceded the Capitol riot. They weren’t involved in the violent actions that followed, but the local Karens found out, and raised hell on the neighborhood “social network” cesspool known as Nextdoor.com.

ACF PoMoCon #13: Very Online Conservatism


My series on new developments and developing writers in conservatism continues. Here’s my PoMoCon talk with Tanner Greer, who’s writing a book on America since 2003 for Tyler Cowen, about old conservatism’s Trump-shock and new, Very Online Conservatism’s Great Awokening shock. Tanner has an NRO essay criticizing Reform Conservatism while agreeing with its reformist intentions and time-honored purposes. He argues that older conservatives worry about politics, whereas newer conservatives seem to worry about the very ground of politics. The previous assumptions about institutions are upended, down to the family, so it’s no longer a matter of how should we be doing things, but who even are we!