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“I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general bout of self-recrimination and wetness. I wanted to get that off my chest.”–Boris Johnson

Well, my dear Ricochet peeps, this is not the quote of the day post that I planned to lay on you when I went to bed last night. That one, a sweet little rumination on one of my favorite childhood authors, will have to wait.

Instead, I bring you heartening news from across the pond. News which concerns, of all things, that particular rite of British end-of-summer passage known as “The Last Night of the Proms.”

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There are certain musical pieces that automatically bring a tear to my eye.* Usually it’s not a sad or depressing song; I have a different reaction to those. This song by Neko Case is an exception. It is an almost perfect female country song with unrelenting heartbreak from beginning to end. I’ve included the YouTube version with the intro to the next song on purpose. She absolutely rips your heart out for two minutes, then moves on to the next one like it’s no big thing. I know exactly how Roberta Flack felt.**

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Dame Vera Lynn dead: We'll Meet Again singer dies aged 103 | Metro ...Dame Vera Lynn has died at the age of 103.

Vera Margaret Welch was born on March 17, 1917, and was just 22 when she began driving herself to London Underground stations to sing to people taking shelter from the German air raids. Her biggest hit, We’ll Meet Again, was recorded in 1939, and was followed by years of selfless service to “her” troops as she’d go anywhere, at whatever danger to herself, to perform for them, including a tour of Japanese-occupied Burma to perform for the British guerilla troups there.