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What Is Chick-Fil-A’s Core Competence?


That would be chicken, yes? Finally, a couple of years ago, we got our first Chick-Fil-A here in the Pacific Northwest, and it has met all our expectations. Most stores are busy all day long, with lines at the drive-through and tables filled inside. The employees are as nice and courteous as can be, reflecting the values of the chain’s owners. New stores generate lots of excitement and long lines as soon as they open. And the food is wonderful.

But a story I read today on Fox News indicates that they may be contemplating what I consider a very bad move. They are considering adding “fake chicken” to their menu. Why, pray tell, would a restaurant chain that makes the best chicken sandwiches around consider adding “vegan” options? What would a vegan want at a store that specializes in chicken?


Behold the Genius of Vegan Tuna: Whole Foods Trends of 2018


Dear eater, are your mushrooms dysfunctional? Do they just lie there on your plate, limply, underperforming? Then we have great news for you! Functional mushrooms are just one of Whole Food’s food trends for 2018. Yes, now your mushrooms can function again!

Well, not your mushrooms. Not the dull, familiar mushrooms you’re used to eating. They’re just edible, not functional – these days, merely functioning as food simply isn’t functioning hard enough. No, we mean mushrooms with names like “reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane”. Which are not a kind of massage, disease, surgical implement, or feline fringe, respectively, though we understand the confusion. Whole Foods explains,


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I’m in a mixed marriage. My wife and I both grew up loving animals, but the animals I loved most were stuffed or fried. She’s a pet lover, and now, a vegan. There are two extremes in discussions of animal welfare. Both ultimately reject human exceptionalism. One insists that animals are humans’ equals, if not their betters. The other insists that humans […]

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