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Proper Priorities: Press Secretary Briefing May 8


Press Secretary McEnany had her priorities straight. She opened the briefing with a tribute to World War II veterans, then recited in detail the great injustice done to a true man of honor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. After that, she opened the floor to questions (attack sound bites) and commanded the high ground with a smile, finally dismissing the pack of propagandists as tardy to an event with the president.

Notice how the focus by the White House press corps has shifted away from COVID-19. See how they are shifting to other lines of attack. I recently rapidly read The Reagan Diaries and was struck by his repeated entries about the unfairness, the bias, the flat-out fictions, of the press. President Reagan repeatedly expressed the opinion to his daily diary that the press was out to get him, not interested in the truth.

75th Anniversary: Victory in Europe Day


May 8, 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the formal declaration of victory in Europe. The surviving German military leaders had surrendered in the earliest hours of May 7, with a ceasefire holding through the day until the national leaders of the British Empire, Russia, and the United States could make the formal announcement on the morning of May 8, 1945.

Sadly, this year there will be no great outdoor public ceremonies. Yet, there are other sorts of public commemorations. The British television schedule is filled with commemorative events, culminating in a speech by the Queen, to be broadcast at the same time as her father’s speech 75 years ago. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump joined a small group of World War II veterans, who flew to Washington D.C. to honor their fallen comrades at the World War II Memorial. In Arizona, the three largest airplanes in the Commemorative Air Force flew in formation around the Valley of the Sun.

President Trump joined World War II veterans, laying a wreath at the WWII Memorial: