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Victor Davis Hanson: The media, the punditocracy, the universities, the political establishment, Wall Street, the big banks, the mega-wealthy, even the Koch brothers and Hank Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs, can’t get near the taurean Trump’s china shop. Trump should have been down by 20 points. Preview Open

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A Fine Whiskey with Victor Davis Hanson


In this great interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Dave Sussman makes a startling observation of Donald Trump and the erudite classicist Victor Davis Hanson, two men who would seem to differ as much as any in the public sphere in their character, background, and intellect, that each is “the everyman,” someone who speaks clearly to everyone and evinces a plainspoken authenticity.

He’s right. I think that, in Trump’s case, it is a matter of confidence and a willingness to engage any opponent. In Hanson’s, I suspect it’s an expression of deep integrity and a desire to understand and communicate carefully considered truths. But the impression is the same: an appealing lack of pretense, a blunt and compelling frankness, and a sense that the chaff of political correctness and poll-tested caution has been brushed aside in favor of simply telling it like it is.

The Classicist Podcast, with Victor Davis Hanson: “The Age of Mass Hysteria”


If you have even the slightest misgivings about gay marriage, you’re a homophobe. If illegal immigration gives you a moment’s pause, you’re a knuckle-dragging nativist. If you’re not morally outraged that there are still a few corners of America where you can see a confederate battle flag — well, do I even have to say it?

In this episode of The Classicist, VDH examines the culture of perpetual outrage and how it’s accelerated by the non-stop onslaught of social media. Listen in to the conversation below or subscribe to The Classicist through iTunes or your favorite podcast player.