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The Vaccine Mandate: A Case for Caution


New York, NY – October 25, 2021: Municipal workers of the city march across Brooklyn bridge and rally at City Hall Park against vaccination mandate.

On Friday, January 7, the United States Supreme Court will hear argument on one of the most contentious cases of modern times: National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor, which addresses the question of whether the plaintiffs are entitled to a stay of legal proceedings until the legality of a federal vaccination mandate can be authoritatively resolved on the merits.

COVID-19 policymaking has been at the center of attention in the United States since early 2020. Over the past two years, the cases, hospitalizations, injuries, and deaths have had multiple cycles with no clear end in sight. By the end of 2020, a number of different vaccines had become available to prevent the disease. Two of these, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, rely on a new mRNA technology. With great expectations, both of these were approved by the Food and Drug Administration last summer, a step taken only when the FDA determines that vaccines (or other drugs or medical devices) “meet the FDA’s rigorous scientific standards.” The FDA also continuously updates its recommendations for approved booster shots for COVID. The work of the FDA has been complemented by that of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which as of December 29 had adopted a categorical position of recommending that all individuals get their initial or booster shots of the vaccines as soon as possible.

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Good morning everyone, and Merry Christmas, I have been meaning to get on here and ask this question for a week, but as we did Christmas last week, it was too hectic. This is a question for the vaccinated, obviously if you are not willing to get the original you’re not going to get a […]

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This week on Hubwonk, host Joe Selvaggi talks with virologist, Dr. Peter Kolchinsky, about the explosion of vaccine technologies and innovations brought into the spotlight by the massive investment to fight the pandemic, and dives deeply into the exciting promise of vaccines to combat an ever-widening range of disease.


This week on Hubwonk, host Joe Selvaggi talks with surgeon and author Dr. Marty Makary about the power and durability of vaccines, natural immunity and clinical therapies, that are overshadowed by the public health community’s continued target of zero COVID-19 infections.


Coming Out of a Coma in the Time of COVID  


As many of you will know, the television series “The Walking Dead” is in its final season.  The show premiered on October 31, 2010.  At the time I wasn’t a particular fan of zombie movies or fiction, but I watched that night anyway.  It was mainly because I live in Atlanta and was curious since I was aware that it was filmed locally.  And what the heck, it was Halloween night. 

I found the first episode to be quite compelling, much of which was due to the setup.  Rick, a small-town sheriff, was shot in the line of duty and ended up in the hospital in a coma.  A few months later he woke up alone in his hospital bed.  He looked around and things didn’t seem right.  Finally, he struggled out of bed and made his way into the hall.  No one was around and everything was in a state of disarray.  Then he stumbled outside into a world that had been decimated by a zombie apocalypse. 

Citizens Fight an Old Source of Nonsense and Bias: NYT on the Aaron Rodgers Controversy


This article is typical of the underhanded, agenda-driven nonsense we get from mainstream outlets. First, it is important to note that the article is headlined: “Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers.” Given the title, it is somewhat surprising when discussion of what Rodgers actually said does not appear until paragraph 10.  Here’s the meat of it:

Rodgers fueled the controversy further by trying to distance himself from conspiracy theorists. “I’m not, you know, some sort of anti-vax, flat-earther,” he said. “I am somebody who’s a critical thinker.”

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The Great Uniter/Dear Leader has spoken and his patience is all used up.  The shot is safe, effective and free!  What is anybody waiting for?  There are no more excuses.  If you remain unvaxxed at this point, you are lower than pond scum.  (Except illegals!)  You are a potential murderer.  (Except illegals!)  All your societal […]

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Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with author, surgeon, and public health expert Dr. Marty Makary about the COVID-19 Delta Variant, the durability of natural and vaccinated immunity, the benefits of booster shots, and the health risks for children as we move into the fall.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the FDA fully approving the Pfizer vaccine, although it does come with stronger calls for vaccine mandates. They also cringe as the Taliban says there will be “consequences” if the U.S. stays past August 31, especially since the U.S. is relying entirely on the Taliban honoring its word to allow Americans to get to the airport. And they roll their eyes as Biden refuses to address the horrific execution of the U.S. withdrawal and always reverts to the decision to withdraw.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Dem Rep. Seth Moulton, a decorated veteran from the Iraq War, calling ‘BS’ on a key element of Biden’s speech. They also dissect National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s painfully bad news conference on Afghanistan. And they roll their eyes as the CDC urges Americans to get a COVID vaccine booster just days after saying it wasn’t necessary. Will people have to have this to be considered “fully vaccinated”?

You may want an actual martini as you join Jim and Greg for three troubling stories. First, they chronicle the rapid collapse of the Afghan military, the Taliban’s seemingly inevitable return to power, and the Biden administration’s recent assurance that this would never happen. They also fume at the lack of any coherent Biden border policy as more than 212,000 migrants were apprehended at our southern border in July. And they unload on the president following reports that the Biden administration has considered draconian COVID restrictions, including the need to prove you are vaccinated to cross state lines.

Join Jim and Greg as they are frustrated but not surprised that the U.S. intelligence community will not confirm or deny that COVID-19 is the result of a lab leak in Wuhan. They also blast Arnold Schwarzenegger for telling vaccine-hesitant Americans to “screw your freedom” and follow the advice of health experts. And they throw up their hands at government incompetence as just 10 percent of federal rent relief passed eight months ago has actually been handed out.

ZDoggMD: A Voice of Pandemic Pragmatism


For those of you who never read anything I write and don’t bother to look at my handle, I’m a nurse.

In the bedside nursing community right now, it is hard to find anyone who is a moderate on anything COVID-related.  There are people (mostly) vehemently for lock-downs, masking, mandatory vaccinations and then there are the other people that believe that there’s a conspiracy, the vaccines are inherently evil, the vaccines change DNA and are designed to control society.  In between, in the silent corners of the break-room (appropriately socially distanced, of course), there are the moderate people.

Alexandra Desanctis Marr is in for Jim today.  Alexandra and Greg cheer Senate Republicans for blocking the Democrats’ very expensive “infrastructure” bill, which doesn’t even exist yet. They also slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for further politicizing the committee tasked with investigating the Capitol Hill riot by rejecting two GOP members. And they scratch their heads after President Biden’s latest town hall is filled with false statements and incoherent moments.

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One of my favorite Brit Twits recently posted about Harry’s comments about the US’s “bonkers” First Amendment. Harry was commenting on how podcaster Joe Rogan was free to say that relatively young people probably did not need a Covid vaccine. As usual, with Americans, we favor the freedom to speak, regardless of whether we, or […]

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Intellectual Property and the COVID Vaccines


The number of COVID-related deaths continues to rise, especially in developing countries like Brazil, where deaths have topped 400,000, while India recently saw 400,000 new COVID cases in a single day. These grim statistics are due to new mutant strains, which have spread rapidly in areas where residents are both poor and in poor health, and where sanitary conditions and local infrastructure are underdeveloped. Major actions are required to slow down and reverse the deadly cycle of death and destruction in these and other places. But what course to take?

To make an appropriate response, it is first necessary to understand how the crisis in developing countries arose. Part of the problem lies in a chronic shortage of vaccine supplies, but much of that shortfall is due to the slow and archaic government systems of distribution, which are often broken (if not corrupt) at every level. The odds that any government can overcome the problematic vaccine shortage by relying on the same officials, programs, and techniques that created the shortage in the first place are slim indeed. A total revision of national programs, preferably with a healthy dose of privatization, is the first priority.

However, many commentators are demanding another approach, calling on wealthy countries like the United States to ease the current vaccine shortage by removing patent protections that private firms have on their vaccines. Thus, Georgetown’s Matthew Kavanagh and Madhavi Sunder, writing for Bloomberg Law, have recently insisted that President Biden “must push drug firms to share science with the world.” Their argument starts with the tragic summary from the WHO that speaks to a colossal failure in the current distribution system: “More than 700 million vaccine doses have been administered globally, but over 87 percent have gone to high-income or upper-middle-income countries, while low income countries have received just 0.2 percent.”

Knocked on My Butt by the Vaccine


I got my second dose of the Moderna on Friday, and, whoa, did the second dose pack a wallop. I got the first dose on March 19, St. Joseph’s feast day! Other than the sting in my shoulder afterward, I did not have any symptoms.

This past Friday, April 16, about a month later, I got the second dose. It didn’t feel any different than the first at the point of being stuck. That evening I went on to my son’s little league baseball game, a drizzling cold night in April, but I didn’t feel any effects of the vaccine. That night, just before bedtime, I started shivering. No matter how many clothes I put on and how many blankets I put over me, I could not stop shivering. I had no idea if I had fever because I didn’t get out of bed to check. I barely slept. I trembled with chills all night.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome steady progress in reopening schools, as nearly half of U.S. school districts are now open for in-person learning. While understanding the desire to exit Afghanistan, they’re wondering whether President Biden has learned anything from his botching of the U.S. departure from Iraq that helped trigger the rise of ISIS. And the short fuse of the Biden administration is on display again after left-leaning probability expert Nate Silver criticizes the decision to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Join Jim and Greg as they update the “incident” at the Natanz nuclear site and enjoy learning how it was much more devastating than first reported. Then they feel very weird agreeing with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid but believe he right to warn the Democrats against court packing. They discuss the significance of the FDA and CDC calling for a pause in administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. And they discuss the inexplicable error of a Minnesota police officer in a recent shooting death there but also hammer Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib for suggesting this case is further proof that we need to abolish police and incarceration.