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Heather Heying is a scientist, educator and author. She and Bridget discuss the possibility of a vaccine passport and why they’re so unsettled by the idea. They reflect that nothing good comes from being told that in order to do something you have to show your papers, that once you give up a certain amount of liberty or power, it’s much more difficult to get it back, how being against the idea of a vaccine passport does not make you an anti-vaxxer, and the dangers of being called a conspiracy theorist when you dare to ask questions. They also cover the death of credibility, why you should spend time in nature moving fast, how it’s easy to radicalize people when they’re lost, why Joe Rogan is so awesome, and why we should all remember that on some level, we’re all self-righteous hypocrites. Be sure to check out Heather’s podcast with her husband Bret Weinstein, DarkHorse Podcast.

Vaccine Passports Won’t Work: There Is no Good Faith Left


Nearly a year ago, I wrote about “The Death of the Social Contract,” in which I argued the double standards around COVID-19 policies destroyed that unspoken set of agreements that kept society working. At the time, I noted that the “15 days to flatten the curve” turned into, in some places, a year or more with no end in sight.

We were told the vaccine was the way out (guess not). We have Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson options and Biden announced opening up the vaccine to all adults by April 19. When Trump said last year this was his goal, the media and “health experts” decried this ambitious goal as “unlikely”

Rob Long is in for the vacationing Jim Geraghty. Join Rob and Greg as they welcome the rescue of the massive cargo ship Ever Given from the Suez Canal and highlight some important lessons that ought to be learned from this episode. They also discuss the coming reality of vaccine passports that will require you to have a COVID vaccine or a negative test to gain entry to various events and businesses. Is this the right of private sector businesses or a major blow to whatever privacy we have left? And we discuss the hysterical reaction to the new election laws in Georgia, with Rob explaining that recent elections prove that voter suppression isn’t actually a problem.