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Join Jim and Greg as they discuss John Fetterman’s painful performance in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate debate and how Fetterman’s wife and state Democrats failed to protect a man who clearly needs much more time to recover. They also cheer Lee Zeldin for eviscerating New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on crime, the economy, freedom, and the nursing home scandal which still demands accountability. Finally, they applaud the New York Supreme Court for striking down New York City’s policy of firing city employees who did not get a COVID shot and ordering those employees reinstated and given back pay.

Should Canada’s Truckers Go on Strike, or Did Ontario’s Premier Just Show Trudeau a Way Out of His Crisis?


In February 1979, about 1,700 tractors descended on Washington, DC’s Mall to protest low farm prices and foreclosures. They irritated Congress, USDA Secretary Bob Bergland, and the locals. They went from villains to heroes two weeks later when a two-foot snow storm made their vehicles the only way to get doctors and nurses to hospitals, and farm spouses took over hospital kitchens to prepare food.

President Jimmy Carter, who had fled town for Camp David early in the protest, returned to paused farm foreclosures, giving protesting farmers a small victory and a reason to return home for Spring planting. Carter shortly thereafter resumed the foreclosures. Farm country (and just about everyone else) responded by overwhelmingly voting for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin for refusing to eliminate or alter the filibuster despite massive pressure from their own party. They also welcome the Supreme Court’s decision striking down President Biden’s vaccine mandate on all businesses with more than 100 employees while also noting a separate decision that upheld the mandate on personnel at health care facilities. And they take a look at even more signs that Russia may be planning to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks.

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New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington have instituted or are about to institute vaccine mandates to eat in restaurants.  But we know that COVID is a disease of the obese with the CDC (cough) stating that the obese may have triple the risk of hospitalization from COVID. Therefore, I think that the solution is to […]

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Recently, a scholarly article in a legal journal caught my attention. The article’s author, a prominent globalist, hypothesized that all mandates having a scientific premise were universally applicable. With great clarity, he pointed out how the vaccine mandates would apply even to the grays with whom he has had close encounters over the years.  “Being […]

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More Dangerous Americans


Four people were arrested in NYC for burning and looting an Applebee’s restaurant.

Just kidding. We know that sort of thing is tolerated under the New Justice System. Heck, the Vice President of the United States contributed to a bail fund for violent rioters and that wasn’t a deal-breaker, even for people who work within the Justice System. No, the actual crime they were arrested for was protesting the city’s Vaccine Passport requirement.

FL Gov Signs Law Rejecting Vaccine Mandate – Jobs Saved


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law that Floridians cannot lose their jobs if they choose to reject the COVID-19 vaccine.  This is huge.  It was the main headline on this evening’s local news.

Since the national mandate, there were protests in front of Sacred Heart, our local (Catholic ) hospital, when staff and medical professionals were let go after refusing the vaccine.  They are now being called back to work.  This happened quickly.  Last week protests – this evening jobs restored. My sister-in-law, a home health care nurse, along with several of her staff, were also being forced to get the jab (after it being a choice up until now).  They had to fill out exception forms, which she did and it was accepted just this week.

Questionable Presidential Authority


Limits on presidential authority are something that we’ve discussed before on Ricochet. The topic comes up again with Joe Biden’s mandate through OSHA that companies fire employees who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19, unless they submit to a weekly test. This post is not about arguing for or against vaccines. I don’t care if you are for or against these vaccines, as there are oodles of posts that cover that topic already. What I am concerned about is the trend of making the presidency a more and more powerful office with each generation.

Does anyone claim with a straight face that when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established by Congress in 1971 that members of Congress believed they were giving the agency the power to dictate that companies fire employees? How many people in 1971 thought that it would be kosher for a future president to use OSHA to command companies to fire tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or conceivably even millions of people? There is the black-and-white letter of the law and there is reality. The reality is that government tends to do whatever it can get away with. If the citizenry makes enough noise or files enough lawsuits, maybe government will back down and obey the law. If the citizens shrug, mutter, and get on with things, government will continue to act as if it has a particular authority, regardless of what the law actually says.

Vaccine Mandates, Abortion, and ‘Send More Cops’


I’ve been reliably informed by many thoughtful, “principled conservatives” that where employer prerogatives and individual rights are in conflict, the former should prevail. If an employer mandates employees to be vaccinated under penalty of termination, then the employer is exercising its prerogative, and the employee must choose between jab or job.

So, what happens when an employer orders an employee to have an abortion? This is not a hypothetical.

QOTD: Three Generations of Retcons is Enough


Jacobson v. Massachusetts has become the catchall decision for justifying all kinds of pandemic countermeasures. I had not looked into the matter in detail, as I am not a lawyer (thank God). However, I ran across an article on SSRN from Josh Blackman (one of the writers at The Volokh Conspiracy) that dismantles how a decision to allow a jurisdiction to levy a fine equivalent to a parking ticket for the refusal to receive a vaccination against one of the most deadly diseases known to man (smallpox is a Risk Group 4 select agent, alongside Ebola and its relatives; by comparison, anthrax and the Black Death are merely Risk Group 3) mutated like a virus into allowing all kinds of measures under the rubric of public health.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the most disturbing U.S. Supreme Court decision to remain on the books as good case law plays a role here. Buck v. Bell is the infamous decision that allowed for the state to forcibly perform medical procedures on people without their consent to uphold the good of the gene pool, giving us the infamous line that “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” As if forcing a person to be fixed like a stray dog is not bad enough, there is evidence that Carrie Buck was not even mentally handicapped, nor was her honor student child, and she was likely set up by her lawyer, who was either horrendously incompetent or actually in favor of negative eugenics. You could use this decision to justify forced medical procedures on every person who holds a political position unpopular with political elites.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Sen. Manchin’s furious response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s partisan response to extending the debt ceiling. They also wince as the job numbers for September come in way below expectations and the unemployment rate drops for the wrong reason. And they fire back as Dr. Leanna Wen suggests the U.S. adopt vaccine mandates for planes and trains and forcing people to get the shot if they want to see their family members. Plus, they assess Pres. Biden’s shaky vaccination math.


Join Jim and Greg as Jim sizes up Pres. Biden’s latest COVID strategy as “same as the old one only louder.” They also shudder at the weakness the U.S. is projecting around the world, most recently through the painfully pathetic statements of Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin and Sec. of State Antony Blinken. And they hammer Biden for refusing to relax his European travel ban.

Covid Vaccine Mandates: For Whose Benefit?


As the calls for mandating Covid vaccinations grow, especially with formal FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, I ask the same question I have asked about mask mandates – who do the mandates protect that justify the intrusion on personal autonomy?

If the Covid vaccines work to protect the person who has received the vaccine, it matters not to the vaccinated person whether other people are vaccinated.

I Do Not Understand Covid Panic


I don’t get the level of panic that surrounds Covid-19. This particular disease has a mortality rate on the order of 2% or less (and apparently declining), yet government and other organizations and people of influence are acting as though the disease has a mortality rate at least an order of magnitude higher than that. They are acting as though Covid has Ebola-level mortality (approx. 50%). And too many people are going along with this excessive panic. Most of the Covid-19 mortality is in particular demographic groups. For younger adults the mortality rate is barely measurable, and for children the mortality rate is essentially zero.

Yet in the name of this disease from which the vast majority of people recover, especially younger people, governments and others have required, and continue to require, that almost everyone to change their lives in ways big and small. People are required to reduce (and in some cases eliminate) their interactions with other people. Rules explicit and implicit require people to alter how they interact with other people, changing some of the basic features of our society. Schools have significantly altered schooling and even the entire childhood experience for children. Schools have made some rules so difficult that they have effectively cut some children off from school altogether.