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Join Jim and Greg as they review the latest predictions out of the Cook Political Report and  UVA Crystal Ball, which shifted 11 house races toward the Republicans. Many races were updated from ‘Likely R’ to ‘Safe R’, but it casts an ominous shadow over the Democrats’ chances of keeping the House in a critical midterm election. They also cringe at MSNBC host Nicole Wallace for calling Gov. Ron DeSantis’ education bill “dehumanizing” and comparing him and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian children. And despite being even older than Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is considering running for president in 2024, according to a leaked memo.

UVA Must Fire Woke Democrat Larry Sabato


I know Larry Sabato. Make that; I thought that I knew Larry Sabato.

A few years ago, and I can’t remember the occasion, long having deleted my personal Twitter account, I suggested on that social medium that he was less than fair in his analysis of a particular political campaign. I mentioned that he once worked for Virginia’s (then) most liberal governor, Democrat Henry Howell (who was right about Dominion Energy, by the way).

Aaron Schmidt grew up a military brat and met his wife, Kara Dawn, freshman year of high school when they were assigned to be lab partners. He talks wanting to be a college football coach but being the student manager of the UVA football team cured him of that desire, being raised Catholic, becoming a 7th grade English teacher, and then getting married, selling everything and hightailing it to LA because he and Kara could see the next 10 years of their lives mapped out before them. A series of odd jobs and a series of personal losses left him at loose ends until he found a passion to pursue in Gorucks that ultimately led him to join the Army Reserves as a psychological operations specialist two years before the cutoff for enlistment. He and Bridget have an honest and revealing discussion about being mission-oriented, the hard work of a successful marriage, overcoming loss and aimlessness, and the 4 tenets of his personal ethos.

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President Sullivan has thus far shown no sign of changing her tack vis a vis the great rape hoax of 2014 at Mr. Jefferson’s Academical Village.  As an alumnus I get e-mail missives from her regularly on this topic and others.  Following is a reply I recently sent. President Sullivan, Preview Open

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