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Our Tax Dollars at Work: Funding an Islamic, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Curriculum


While all of us were shouting about freedom and due process, and the Left was screaming back about sexual predators, the continuous creep of Islam continued unabated. I came across three programs that are paid for with our tax dollars: a program with the innocuous title, Primary Source; a program developed for Newton, MA schools by the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES); and a program funded by the Department of Education and distributed by PBS, called Access Islam. I’d like to describe each one and then offer some thoughts.

Recently The Federalist printed a story about a high school in Newton, MA that was teaching classes that were anti-Semitic. In particular a history teacher, David Bedar attended a five-day summer teacher training course for teaching about “the dynamics of the Middle East.” Called Primary Source, the program is funded by the Mass Cultural Council, Mass Humanities, the Cummings Foundation and lastly, the Qatar Foundation International. Bedar’s course is filled with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic lies and distortions. The Federalist presented an example:

Here’s Bedar’s ‘Israeli perspective’: ‘During the war [of Israeli independence] there were a number of massacres, robbery and rape by Jewish fighters.’ His ‘Palestinian perspective’? The Palestinians say they ‘had been exposed to the most barbaric kinds of torture and immoral and inhuman practices’ by Jewish fighters.