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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for January 29, 2018, it’s the The Glenn Reynolds Interview: Listen to it All edition of the show, episode number 160! Our special guest this week is the purveyor of Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds. We are truly psyched to have Glenn on. He represents the best in independent, libertarian, power-suspicious and iconoclastic podcast voices in the history of the internet.

We will have, in addition to the interview with Glenn, a discussion about gridlock and why it’s so bad after all. The New York Times blathers on about how Donald Trump has demolished the sweet, bipartisan spirit that had been, up until recently, embracing Washington for, how long? who knows?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America blast congressional Republicans over their embrace of scrapping the adoption tax credit and for considering an end to the property tax deduction.  They also slam the TSA for failing miserably yet again in the latest test designed to see if our blue-shirted friends can actually stop guns, knives and bombs from getting through checkpoints.  And they get a kick out of USA Today suggesting you could add a chainsaw bayonet to an AR-15 rifle.

Anatomy of a Media Fabricated News Story – Gannett Style


1xCIaEt0Wednesday morning, people in the shore area in the central part of New Jersey woke up to an editorial in the only daily newspaper in the state that serves two large counties, the Asbury Park Press, viciously attacking Governor Christie and demanding his resignation.

“Wow,” the people of Monmouth and Ocean counties must have thought. “This editorial staff must have really put a great deal of independent thought into this to be so hard on the Governor.”

The same morning, people down in the Southern part of the state woke up to their daily paper also having run an editorial viciously attacking Governor Christie and demanding his resignation. In fact, the Courier-Post ran word-for-word the same editorial attacking Christie.