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Business leaders, educators, and nonprofit donors across the country are intensifying efforts to revamp career and technical education in the United States. Recently, City Journal convened a panel of experts to talk about how these efforts can be applied in American high schools.

Fixing America’s crisis of long-term, persistent joblessness will also require major upgrades to K-12 education, where big spending increases and centralization of control in Washington have delivered disappointing results.

This AEI Events Podcast brings you a dynamic and thought-provoking keynote conversation on American education and workforce development featuring Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Arizona State University President Michael Crow. This keynote was part of an event hosted at Arizona State convening some of the nation’s foremost education and labor experts.

Globalization, automation, and other emerging technologies are poised to reshape the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. The skills needed today and in the future are dramatically different from those demanded in the past. These changes merit a broader and more responsive education system with stronger alignment to employer needs and more flexibility for individuals seeking new skills as they move from one job to another.

In this episode of the “New Skills Marketplace” podcast, Andy Smarick (AEI) and John Bailey (AEI) sit down with Tamar Jacoby from Opportunity America to talk about workforce development.

Tamar begins by raising a number of questions about proposed solutions to the skills gap [3:57]. She then focuses specifically on apprenticeships [6:11]. Next, Tamar responds to concerns about job reductions due to automation and drops in economic mobility [10:26]. Finally, she identifies the main questions that policymakers, employers, and educational institutions need to answer to in order make meaningful changes to workforce training [19:20] and offers advice to policymakers looking to spur innovation [24:51]. Andy and John conclude with a reflection on their discussion with Tamar.