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I came across this video today in response to the @paddysiochain post today on St. Francis. Everyone is so worried about the future, the election, of world events. I am of Polish/Ukrainian descent. I was ignorant of many things, including what happened to Poland, how quickly things went south in Europe prior to WWII, and how […]

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First Past the Post?


shutterstock_89599348We don’t have a sovereign and a prime minister, but the one thing we do have in common with our British cousins is the concept of “first past the post,” that is the candidate with the largest vote count in any constituency wins.

This leads to some grumbling among the losers. For example, in the late UK election, the Scottish National Party received 1,454,436 votes or 4% of the total cast. The United Kingdom Independence Party received 3,881,129, or almost 13%. Guess which party got 56 MPs and which one got just one?

Which led to this Tweet this morning: