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Inflation is here. After a 40-year hiatus, we’re now in the midst of the phenomena characterized by rising prices and declining purchasing power. Many had warned about it, but it became inevitable in the wake of the pandemic with the passage of the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan. Did policymakers and economists anticipate the danger of inflation from massive fiscal stimulus, only to have their advice ignored? Or were they complacent? To answer these questions and more, Harvard economist and Pioneer Institute board member Ed Glaeser recently interviewed Larry Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and former President of Harvard University, for a special episode of Hubwonk.


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There is no rest, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, for Trump bashers. Our current condition has brought the best, brightest, most innovative, and strongest to step out and combat this insidious virus head on. It’s taken leadership, courage, projecting a positive outlook when you want to cry, putting aside personal concerns for […]

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The state of the US economy in two words: “getting better.” That’s the learned opinion of John Taylor, the Hoover Institution’s George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Economics and the Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics at Stanford University. He forecasts continued growth thanks to the latest round of tax cuts and regulatory reform – and wishes Washington would address another of his proscribed principles of economic well-being: budget reform.

Today in Misguided, Counterproductive, Onerous, Pernicious Federal Regulation


As the presidential primaries dominate the news, under the radar the Obama administration continues its unilateral assault on the economy and civil society. Consider the news from just this week.

1. We start with HUD, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal: “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Monday released guidance that could give ammunition to tenant advocates, saying the practice of excluding tenants based on their criminal or arrest records could violate the Fair Housing Act where it has a disproportionate impact on blacks and Hispanics.” The argument is basically that use of criminal history in this way is discriminatory because African Americans and Latinos are disproportionately represented in the prison population.