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Promoted from the Ricochet Member Feed by Editors Created with Sketch. Baltimore Burning


bal-students-residents-clash-with-police-at-mo-015In a scene that’s all too common in the Obama era, an American city is in flames. This time it’s Baltimore, where a funeral for a man killed by cops was quickly followed by mob violence carried live on cable news and social media. Every few months another Democrat stronghold is convulsed by turmoil. Hope and change involves a lot more riots and looting than I expected.

Meanwhile, our President is touring the Beltway with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. They visited the Lincoln Memorial (must have special significance to a man named Abe) and tomorrow features a state dinner replete with Wagyu beef and exceedingly rare wines. I’m curious if the PM’s security detail is alarmed by the race war occurring just down the road or if his staff is simply aghast at how the world’s leading superpower has fallen so far and so fast. The shocking footage out of Baltimore isn’t a helpful backdrop for hosting one of our closest allies, especially when his nation is facing down an increasingly belligerent China and North Korea.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Ferguson’s Tragedy of Errors


FergusonI’ve not yet written anything about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri for the simple reason that I haven’t had to. On stories like this, that’s the singular luxury of not having to fill column inches or airtime — you simply don’t have to speak up until you have something to say. I’ve often thought that’s the poverty of 24-hour cable news — when the red lights comes on, you start talking, whether or not you have anything intelligent to say and whether or not you have a clue in hell as to the facts of the story you’re supposed to be covering (I’ve just described CNN’s business model).

As the situation presently stands, we still seem to have remarkably little information about the shooting of Michael Brown. It’s plausible that information yet to come out may either vindicate the outrage over the incident or demonstrate at least some measure of culpability on Brown’s behalf. Those who are leaning strongly towards one side or the other are probably telling us more about their ideological priors than about the case itself. Still, a few words deserve to be said about some of the events that have followed in the wake of the shooting.