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A veteran came into a local veteran organization bar (“canteen”) and turned the closest television set to Univision in English, that is a leftist local channel. As the left has now decided that vaping (enjoyed by so many millenials and Gen-Z) must be bad because Orange Man Bad, there was a segment pedaling the left’s […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 10, 2017, it’s the Hollywood Hell edition of the podcast – number 101 – brought to you by ZipRecruiter and Simplisafe.

It’s hard to get past Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe slam of Donald Trump. That is one hurtin’ woman. Put Hollywood together with academia, Wall Street and Silicon Valley (just check this out!), shake, and try to strain out a single Trump supporter. Good luck!  Mike posits that Hollywood celebrities and university physicists have some salient points in common.

Trump v Univision


It’s  3:00 a.m in Paris, and I’m awake owing to a cat-related incident. After realizing that no, I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep, I checked the news. As one does. Headlining: Donald Trump kicked TV’s most influential Latino newsman out of a press conference. Oh, I thought. Is this really the most important thing happening in the world right now? To judge from the headlines, you’d think so. Here’s the first part of the exchange: