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While Afghans Patiently Wait


We are undergoing ruin by speed, and I’m not talking about meth, although meth in and of itself is terribly ruinous to our society. I might say, “just ask my dear and long-lost friend Richard,” but … he’s lost. Disappeared. Off the grid. Meth took him out … completely. I miss him. We used to enjoy long leisurely lunches and talk about everything.

So, what is it then? I’m talking about the sudden and increasingly accelerating speed of society’s fall into utter superficiality, a loss of depth that once could only be sustained through a slow gaze or a long think or an appropriate delay in sensitive communications like what we once accepted as normal and appropriate when people wrote newsy and heartfelt letters by hand. News stories were reports on what had actually happened, and journalists took their time to dig up and confirm the facts before writing word one. There was a dignity to the journalistic profession, and we relied on the profession’s product to first grasp and then think about what was happening in our world.

Of course, people were more relaxed and cordial back in the day; the day before someone put a large piece of lead on our world’s accelerator. I think his name is Mark Zuckerberg.

Don’t let the rancor of the election mislead you: America is awesome. But sometimes it takes an outsider to be truly persuasive, so Jack brings on his National Review colleague Cameron Hilditch, currently living in Northern Ireland, to explain why he loves America and why its critics are mistaken. Along the way, they also converse about Lord of the Rings, the merits of Tennessee, and other topics.

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Concerning the news the Census questionnaire will be published WITHOUT the citizenship question (boggles the mind, doesn’t it?), I had this thought.  When you receive your form, or have a census taker come to your door, do this. Write in bold letters at the top of the first page; yes, I am a citizen of […]

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Gratitude and Responsibility


I went to church yesterday.

We say that so casually in America. We met to worship God according to the dictates of conscience, to learn from His Word, and to fellowship. We did so quite publicly — there’s even a sign out front — not in a back room in hushed voices. We had no fear of armed men breaking up the meeting. We heard a sermon that was neither censored nor written to avoid the displeasure of any public official. In America, we can still worship as we believe.