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As a former speechwriter for a Cabinet official, US Senators, and candidates, I have an annoying urge to rewrite speeches I don’t like. It’s an occupational hazard. As a former campaign operative, speeches that qualify as “tactical” or strategic events invite critique, with an occasional, “that’s not what I would have said.” This is one […]

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The Perfect Democratic Backdrop to a ‘Hail Mary’ Pass


The trend lines are unmistakable. Democratic voters appear headed to a walloping in this election. I can’t refer to it as “Election Day” anymore. Thanks to the early and mail-in voting, it’s “Election Season.” It began in late September in some states. And we won’t know the results in many states, especially Pennsylvania, thanks to the malign, confusing manner they handle mail-in ballots.

President Joe Biden delivered his “closing message” last night for this year’s midterm election. Because his last brazenly political speech did so well. As for me, I watched the World Series even out at two games apiece as Houston Astros pitchers combined for a no-hitter over my former hometown Phillies. Even the reliably Democratic Washington Post gave the speech scant coverage, referring almost as much to his previous disaster, using Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and two US Marines as a deeply inappropriate backdrop. Dark Brandon, indeed.