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Rescuing the Underdog


As I watch the college students’ protests supporting Hamas and the Palestinians, I am filled with revulsion. Given their attacks not just on Israel, but on all Jews, I take their actions personally. I wonder, if they could find a way to “eliminate” me, would they try? Then my rational mind kicks in and I realize that I’m not really in any danger. Or am I being naive?

I’ve always been compelled to understand why people think and act as they do. As Dennis Prager says, he’s more interested in understanding than agreement (although that is not totally true for me as these protests continue). So here are my thoughts on what is going on.

Protestors Back the Underdogs—Hamas has done an excellent job of creating the perception that they are the victims of Israeli oppression. The fact that they have had opportunities to improve their circumstances, particularly when Israel evacuated the area, is meaningless to their advocates. That they took over successful Israeli businesses and destroyed them instead of building on them doesn’t seem to matter.