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Join Jim and Greg as they roll their eyes at the overdue admission from the New York Times that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian misinformation, but a real story as the New York Post reported in October 2020. They shame the United Nations for being an expensive “Debate Society” that has proven itself completely useless in solving international issues. And despite its long record of evil, including the targeting and killing of American troops, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps may soon lose its “Foreign Terrorist Organization” tag as part of the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

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From a couple of comments on another post I know that at least a couple of us wouldn’t mind were the US to withdraw from the UN.  I have endorsed that sentiment perhaps looking through rose colored glasses, perhaps pretty much thoughtlessly, for a good while.   This morning I listened to a John Batchelor […]

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Life on Planet Thunberg


Without a doubt, it is a major challenge to accurately model and predict the course of climate change. Climate systems are highly chaotic, which makes it difficult to figure out the effect of any particular natural or human event on future climate changes. We should, therefore, proceed with caution before making bold claims that the main, or even sole, driver of climate change is the human-generated increase in the carbon dioxide level, which now is approaching 415 parts per million.

But today’s activists are in crisis mode. The 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg’s recent calls for action sparked thousands of students to skip classes last month in order to fight a global climate “emergency.” These students are long on indignation, but short on solutions. They are content to implore today’s business, political, and social elites to come up with a solution before it is all too late—after all, these activists claim, in ten years we could all be dead.

The youth movement and its adult supporters assume that the fate of the world hangs in the balance unless some prompt and decisive action is taken. The proposed cures for addressing the climate crisis, such as the uncompromising demand that there be no more new fossil fuel projects, are highly intrusive. If implemented, even in part,  they will necessarily affect how ordinary people eat, work, travel, and vacation­—and even how they bear children. The common desire “to set a pathway for 100 percent renewable power” will force excessive reliance on alternative energy forms, such as wind and solar, that are too unreliable to offer a dependable energy source on land, and useless for such activities as air transportation.

Climate Hysteria Is Harming Our Kids


Every week, the rhetoric is ramped up: “Surviving climate change means an end to burning fossil fuels. Prepare yourself for sacrifices,” the LA Times warns. The Guardian writes, “World ‘gravely’ unprepared for effects of climate crisis.” For the New Yorker, it’s already too late: “What if We Stopped Pretending the Climate Apocalypse Can Be Stopped?”

The latest round of ecological doomsaying hit the United Nations Monday in the form of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist. The media made this child a celebrity after her speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos. “I don’t want you to be hopeful,” she scolded the jet-setting elites. “I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.”

In Monday’s speech to the UN Climate Action Summit, she was even more apocalyptic:

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If you are following the Agenda 2030, or “Sustainable 2030” policies that the United Nations and the Atlantic council plus many other organizations seriously hope to bring about, you know how much these groups plan for an onslaught of Globalization. So you need to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Here […]

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Humiliated and Embarrassed by World Opinion


You know what causes most of the world’s UN representatives to have conniption fits? Let’s see, would it be an endless civil war in Syria in which hundreds of thousands have been senselessly killed? No, not really. How about the endless nuclear threats emanating from the psycho-Marxist state of North Korea that endanger world stability? Actually, not so much. Well then, how about the collapse of oil-rich Venezuela into chaos and starvation due to government-imposed socialism? Nope, it’s all good.

Well, what then? Here’s a simple, one-word clue: Israel. That’s really all you need to know, isn’t it? The entire world could be collapsing due to simultaneously occurring wars and various apocalyptic events and the only thing that would get a rise out of this Jew-hating deliberative body is anything at all to do with Israel.

A Proposal on Embassy Locations


128 countries have decided that they have every right to tell another nation what can and cannot be its capital city. Each of these countries marked in green has said that Jerusalem is not Israel’s capital city and that agreeing with Israel that it is should be punished.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in her firm-handed approach to the security threat posed by North Korea, specifically regarding China’s refusal to cooperate with UN resolutions against the isolated nation.  They also express frustration with national media over their lack of coverage of Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition as he returns to the ICU.  Finally, they highlight that most of those protesting Trump’s presidency are among the most wealthy in the DC area.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud House Republicans and Democrats for an overwhelming vote condemning the UN resolution against Israel.  They also groan as the Trump transition and Gen. James Mattis butt heads over who should fill top Pentagon positions.  And they get a kick out of news that former Bush operative Matthew Dowd is thinking of running against Ted Cruz in 2018.

Omri Ceren Breaks Down the Diplomatic Fallout of UNSC’s Condemnation of Israel


Omri Ceren (@CerenOmri) is the Managing Director for Press and Strategy at The Israel Project (TIP) and he had this to say on Twitter about how unprecedented UNSCR 2334 is, what a major break it represents from long-term American policy, and how it treats “international law.” (Scare quotes because it’s a made-up term that now means what ever we can use to bash Jews and protect real human rights abusers.)

Can’t believe this has to be done, but here’s why anyone who compares Obama knifing Israel to previous US diplomacy is a hack or an idiot 1/

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A lot of ink has been spilled (digital and otherwise) about the unconscionable abstention of the Obama Administration in the UN Security Council’s condemnation of Israel this past week. What I am not seeing very much of is mention of the perfidy of some of Israel’s other erstwhile “allies” specifically the United Kingdom and New […]

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A Hanukkah Message to the UN Security Council


I actually think it’s poetic. As Hanukkah, a festival of Jewish resistance, approaches, the world turns on the Jewish state and a former ally shows its true colors. Much is being said about Obama’s choice to abstain from voting on the UN Security council resolution, condemning Israeli settlements as illegal, and much will continue to be said, but judging by what I have seen so far I am neither impressed nor overly interested.

None of us can really be that surprised, right? This was an obvious move by President Obama, a suitable last hurrah if you will, from a man who from day one set out to set himself apart as the breaker of ties and holder of grudges. He was never a friend of Israel, and combined with his not-too-subtle need for pompous pageantry, this last kick in the gut toward Israel was a given, and boy did he give it with a bang.

All the emotional upheaval not withstanding, this means very little for the outgoing President, but to others, it means all the more. What Obama did by choosing not to veto this vote was to re-elect Netanyahu and throw support behind Donald Trump that he otherwise could have never expected to receive. Up until now, the liberal Jews have supported and defended Obama and his policies, but as he set out to humiliate Israel he also ended up shaming and humiliating a lot of Jewish democrats, thus losing his party a whole host of voters in order to settle a highly personal score. The liberal Jews stuck by him through foreign policy-blunders, anti-religious policies, and personal spats with the Israeli leadership. But his ego got the best of him one too many times and now minds are opening to Trump that otherwise would have stayed closed throughout this unexpected presidency. As for Netanyahu, he is much too smart to be outraged over what is expected wording from an obvious source in a document without teeth, and he knows that such obvious biased bullying will do nothing to lessen the strength of the Jewish state, but will only give him a more powerful mandate to act, and to lead.

Obama Kicks Israel on His Way Out the Door


Aleppo is crumbling, Libya is in ruins, Russia is threatening its neighbors, and China is militarizing the South China Sea. But the UN is taking action against Israel. And Obama let them:

The U.N. Security Council on Friday passed a resolution demanding Israel cease Jewish settlement activity on Palestinian territory in a unanimous vote that passed when the United States abstained rather than using its veto as it has reliably done in the past.

The resolution declares settlements constructed on land Israel has occupied since the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem, have “no legal validity.” It said settlements threaten the viability of the two-state solution, and it urged Israelis and Palestinians to return to negotiations that lead to two independent nations.

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(Important Update Oct. 15) On Thursday of this week, UNESCO voted 24-6 to deny that the Temple Mount is a Jewish site and therefore, has no connection to the Jewish people. Further, it will only use the Arab name for it. Below is the article and how countries voted, or for some reason, abstained.  http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/UNESCO-No-connection-between-Temple-Mount-and-Judaism-470050 Preview […]

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Fellow Ricochetti, this is my final dispatch from Bucharest. Politics, such as it is, looks like its heading towards normality, such as we have it. The process of normalization is as full of disappointment as you would expect. There is very little reflection on the difference between the two states, though everyone can tell abnormal […]

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First They Came for My Bacon


bacon-flagI feel like I’m being trolled. This announcement has all the ingredients to make me furious: it’s a “health” message in the New York Times, from a UN-ish Non-Governmental Busybody, aimed at governments around the world who interest themselves with their citizens’ eating habits.

In other words, it’s the perfect storm of nonsense. Plus, they’re trying to take away our bacon.

From the NYTimes: