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Join Jim and Greg as they dive into a new poll showing Democrats underwater with Hispanic voters and what it means for the upcoming midterm elections. They also criticize the Biden State Department’s meek responses to missile strikes close to a U.S consulate in Iraq and Russian strikes near the Polish border. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comforts Americans struggling with higher prices at the pump and grocery store by assuring them that runaway government spending actually decreases inflation.

The Unending Hatred for Russians


I want Putin to lose. I want him to learn that if a country wants freedom, he cannot take it away. I’m cheering for Ukraine. But the insane escalation of anti-Russian measures is disturbing.

Banking sanctions are one thing, but some of the petty elements are just insane.  People who live in Russia cannot receive money via Patreon or other donation services.  One guy I support was developing a video game trading market, and got completely cut off.  He can’t even use online development tools.  Speaking of games, several games have cut off Russians from the ability to buy any items in the game using actual money  (For a lot of free games, that’s the game company’s revenue stream).

Join Jim and Greg as they dive into the thrilling tale of an Israeli spy who was able to infiltrate the murderous Iranian regime and gather critical intelligence from her close relationship to top officials. They also shudder at the latest inflation numbers and lay out the real effects of inflation on Americans of every economic class and background. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims with a straight face that Russia “didn’t invade Ukraine”.

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Alright, I’m no expert, but I’ve seen people here (you know who you are, and if you forget, others will help you) insinuating fairly directly that Ukraine supporters are influenced by some argument that Putin is fighting to save the God-fearing, White, Enlightenment something or other.  And then some other people ask where anybody has […]

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The Fog of War


There’s a lot of propaganda on both sides of the Ukraine-Russia war, and it’s hard to know what’s real. I had the same problem during the Russian war in Afghanistan.

Circa 1986, CBS aired an hour-long program about Afghanistan which had footage of a supposed nighttime fight between Soviet tanks and Mujahideen. The footage seemed to be too good. I wondered if a cameraman would take such risks. In 1993, I attended a conference on World War 1. Historian David Isby mentioned that he had covered the war. I’m asked him about this program. He knew the people who had faked it and said they were amused that they had fooled Dan Rather.

NATO and Russia: A False Equivalence


One popular argument about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that Ukraine “had it coming” because of NATO expansion.  This is not a moral justification, and not a reason to consider Russia’s actions excusable or even reasonable.  This argument and its antecedents rest on a flawed equivalence between NATO and Russia, the “neo-USSR”.

The specifics of “not one inch eastward” are from a phone call between then-Secretary of State James Baker and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990, and in a different context.  Even Gorbachev has said that this was not a binding agreement.  Naturally, Putin rejects this fact, as it is inconvenient to him.  So let us dispense with this “broken promise” rhetoric and focus on the qualitative difference between NATO, a voluntary defensive alliance against Russian expansion, and Russia, the expansive inheritor of the Soviet coercive prison-state.  There is no moral equivalence between the two systems, and forgetting that fact will lead to moral failures.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down the economic, military, and political consequences of the Biden administration’s suspension of Russian oil imports. They also discuss the NFL suspending Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley for gambling but also note how the NFL and other leagues have enthusiastically embraced the recent expansion of sports gaming.  And they weigh in on a new Quinnipiac poll showing that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to defend their nation from an invasion.

Frank Fannon, who also served as the first assistant secretary of state for energy resources, joined “Plugged In” host and former FERC chairman Neil Chatterjee to explain the opportunities and pitfalls associated with upcoming sanctions on Russian energy, announced Tuesday by the Biden administration.

Fannon dives deeper into the energy industry and the government’s lack of confidence when it comes to domestic production. Using Iran as an example, he argues that only with a slow transition can the U.S. and other allies successfully move away from Russian oil and gas.

The Devil Made Him Do It?


Putin apologists and propagandists are channeling the late Flip Wilson, blaming NATO for Putin’s war against Ukraine. They’re ignoring a few things.

Those of a certain age may remember the late comedian Flip Wilson, who tragically died in 1998 at age 64 from cancer. He was the first successful black host of a television variety show in the early 1970s.

“Geraldine (Jones), with Wilson in wig, high heels and a colorful minidress, was perhaps his most famous character. Her spunky catchphrases “The devil made me do it” and “What you see is what you get!” became part of the national language,” CBS News described in announcing Wilson’s death.

Join Jim and Greg as they cover the causes of skyrocketing prices at the pump and the Biden administration’s failure to take necessary measures to bring them down. They also wonder if President Biden regrets picking Kamala Harris to be his Vice President as she continues to embarrass herself on the national stage – this time by comparing Bloody Selma to recent voting law changes in some states. And despite attending a church service, a Brooklyn congregation was treated to a 20 minute speech by disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on things that should be cancelled before him.

Nuclear Rumors from Ukraine


This is a brief compilation of a couple of different rumors I’ve heard out of the Ukraine war and what they mean. Now I don’t know much but I know a little bit about nukes and how they work and some of these things are flat out implausible. What I’m looking to give here is a quick reality check to see if any given statement is worth worrying about further. To be clear I’m talking about science; whether or not Putin is willing to deploy tactical nuclear weapons is beyond the scope of this post. Let’s get down to it.

Increasing Radiation levels at Chernobyl

The Claim: In the first day or two of the war the Russians attacked and took Chernobyl. The fight kicked up a lot of dust. The Ukrainian government’s automated radiation monitoring says the background radiation there jumped from 3,000 nSv/hour to 65,500 nSv/hour. Claim found in this video, though I’ve heard it elsewhere too.

From the Horse’s Mouth


Back in the summer, I had a patient come into our Urgent Care who made a special impression on me. We provide care for the Maersk container ships that come to Wilmington. The patient was a young woman of 19 or 20 named Iryna. From that and her last name, I was pretty sure she was Ukrainian. I went in and introduced myself and started speaking to her in my somewhat halting Ukrainian. She was so relieved to have a physician she could understand. She told me she had a sore throat that had been treated several times with antibiotics by the ship’s medical staff without success. On exam, it looked a little raw, and we checked her for strep and mononucleosis. Both were negative. I suggested one more course of antibiotics, and some prednisone this time. If not relieved I suggested she see an ENT physician.

It became plain to me that she was very hesitant to get back on the boat, which was about to head out for Bremen, Germany, and the crossing was going to take several weeks. I asked her if she wanted off the boat. We can do that, by stating the patients are not fit to sail, and can specify they need to be flown home. I was loath to do that because I knew the container lines hated that, and it could very well cost her the job. A very good paying job for a young Ukrainian woman. She persisted and I gave in.

Our Real Russia Problem


Steven Hayward, writing over at Power Line, offers a concise, incisive explanation of our real Russia problem. A month ago, I wrote about Vladimir Putin’s vision of history and argued that he is not properly understood when we sling terms around like “thug.” Instead, I argued that we can only really understand Putin and his Russia properly if we understand him to be in the long line of Russian tzars (czars). I consider myself in good company with Steven Hayward extending the point to our chattering and governing elite.

As I wrote:

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While Royal Dutch Shell’s purchase of deeply discounted Russian Ural oil this week is most likely headed to Europe, I now can eliminate one source of retail gasoline for my vehicles. Shell is the most significant controller of retail gasoline sales in the U.S. – some 13% of our nation’s 105,000 retail outlets. B.P. and […]

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I don’t mean for cowardly reasons.  Here’s a thought.  At this point would it be better for Ukraine if Zelenskyy and the leadership escaped the country to set up a shadow government from outside?  It seems to me the shadow government would be considered thee legitimate government rather than any puppet regime Putin installs.   Either […]

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