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US Navy ‘Expelled’ by China?


USS Barry (left) and USS Bunker Hill (right) underway in the South China Sea, April 18. Both vessels conducted FONOPS this week. (USN)

This past week, the US conducted two “freedom of navigation operations” (FONOPS) in the South China Sea (SCS). US and Chinese rhetoric following these events was pretty much standard fare: measured on the US side, hyperbolic on Beijing’s.

In the first instance, Beijing claims to have “expelled” the USS Barry from Chinese territorial waters. From the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) version of Tokyo Rose:

Memory and Forgetfulness:Part 2


Seventy-five years ago, Operation Overlord was launched, opening a third land front in the strategic counteroffensive against Nazi Germany. The Germans were already reeling back from their high-water mark in the east (Stalingrad), and had squandered the cream of their veteran force in the Battle of Kursk during the summer of 1943. Predominantly American forces were slowly slugging their way up the length of Italy, where terrain favored competent defenders. It was finally time to open a western front with the sort of maneuver room found on the eastern front. We ought to pay tribute now, while there are still veterans of that great crusade with us.

The note here, dated July 5, was written by General Eisenhower, in case the D-Day landings failed. He praised “the troops, the air, and the navy,” and took total responsibility for the failure: “If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone.” His message was ready for transmission to the Allied nations. Mercifully, it never needed to be sent.

Calling out the deeds and identities of World War II heroes, both lost and living, is especially fitting on this, “The Last Longest Day.”

What all’s involved in training today’s warriors for combat? CDR Michael Nordeen, a Hoover Institution National Security Affairs fellow and decorated naval aviator, discusses the tools and technology necessary to keep the US Navy at a state of readiness. With the filming of the “Top Gun” sequel underway, he also speculates on the career path of Lt. Pete Mitchell (aka, Tom Cruise) and the automation and human skills needed to pilot an F-18 jet.

Jennifer Horn is a former state chair of the NH GOP, and current co-chair of the NH Log Cabin Republicans. She was kicked out of last week’s state convention in part because her fellow Republicans did not want to debate her proposal to change the state party platform over the issue of marriage equality.  She joins us on the BTBW podcast to make her case and to defend Gov. Chris Sununu’s decision to sign a bill banning “transgender discrimination” in the Granite State.

Speaking of marriage, we also talk Royal Wedding….

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start with an appetizer by cheering the U.S. Navy’s use of a new laser weapon meant to target small watercraft and drones. They also praise the Trump administration for its success in halting hundreds of regulations that would stifle job growth and business expansion. They also address the tragic news that Arizona Sen. John McCain is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, and they express disgust at the tasteless and nasty reactions from both sides of the political spectrum. And they sigh over President Trump griping to the media about his frustrations over Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation.