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Rafael Mangual joins Brian Anderson to discuss the killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis and the broader criminal-justice landscape.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

In this episode, Dave sits down with Brian Rust, the host of Panama City Beach and Bay County’s most listened to talk show, The Brian Rust Show on News Talk@101FM. On the air weekdays from 5 – 8AM, Brian not only has a finely tuned sense of voter temperament, but he has the attention of the 2nd Congressional District’s Representative, among others. As the conversation progresses, Dave and Brian discuss the impact of President Biden’s economic prescriptions on voters in the Florida panhandle and across the country.   There’s more to the conversation, including Brian’s diagnosis of the GOP’s electoral prospects in the future.  

From Dave’s perspective on current events, to a fascinating discussion with one talk radio’s brightest lights, to some new plans for Dave’s podcast, this is a fast-paced and compelling show that you won’t want to miss. 

Memphis SCORPION Unit Was Corrupt


This is a follow up to my “Tyre Nichols, Crucified’ post.  First let’s start with the claims of the police concerning Tyre.  They claimed that Nichols was stopped for “reckless driving.”  From Independent News through Yahoo:

The Memphis Police Department initially said that Nichols was pulled over around 8.30pm local time for “reckless driving.”… Police leadership later walked back those claims.

Member Post


I know this story has had some prominence even before they released the videos this evening.  I had not paid attention.  I try to avoid sensational news, and another policing story is just another in a string.  You never really know who to believe because it’s not always that clear. But then I watched the […]

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