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Join Jim and Greg as they weigh in the second day of House Republicans at odds over whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House. What is the end game of the McCarthy opponents? Will they force a more conservative speaker or will we get one that’s worse? They also thank Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi for exposing more details of how the FBI and other government entities aggressively pushed Twitter to suspend many accounts from 2017 forward. Are we not at a clear First Amendment issue on this story? And they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his inaugural address that articulates a conservative vision on many issues quite well.

Happy New Year!  Jim and Greg start the new year by closing out the awards season for last year. Today, they give our their prestigious choices for Person of the Year, with Jim focusing on the midterm elections and Greg thinking about a moment that took almost 50 years to come. Then they reveal their selections for Turncoat of the Year, as Jim zeroes in on presidential politics and Greg goes with people in government doing the exact opposite of their job description.  Finally, they offer up predictions for 2023. One of them is optimistic and one of them most certainly is not.

Thanks for listening! Our usual 3 Martini Lunch format returns on Tuesday.

Jim and Greg are back for the third round of their prestigious Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they discuss the biggest lies of 2022, with Jim focusing on our economy and Greg opting for an infuriating falsehood connected to our elections. Then, they reveal their choices for the best and worst political theater of 2022.

Up this week from Dennis Kneale: Why are the media still ignoring #TheTwitterFiles? And… Silicon Valley sage Vikek Wadhwa accuses The New York Times and The Washington Post of telling lies in Kashmir, and best-selling author Natalie Pace on her life as a nomadic journalist..

Plus this: you think your Christmas dinner might get awkward? Hold Dennis’ beer: Our host must decide whether to sit down to supper with a person who recently was thinking of killing him—and this person owns six guns.

Federalist Radio Hour Host Emily Jashinsky is in for Jim today. Emily and Greg start by dissecting the left’s full meltdown over Twitter suspending several journalists on the left for violating the new doxxing rules. They also discuss the impact Twitter has in exposing media bias and whether Elon Musk’s actions break his pledge to champion free speech. They’re also furious as Philadelphia public schools plan to impose a mask mandate on students when they return in January just as the damage done to poor and minority students in California from being out of school becomes clearer. Finally, they wonder what exactly Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg does following reports he was vacationing in Portugal just a week before the nation was threatened with an economy-crippling railroad strike.

TechFreedom’s Internet policy counsel and director of appellate litigation Corbin K. Barthold joins Theodore Kupfer to discuss digital authoritarianism in China, the possibility of decentralized social control in the West, and the new era of Twitter.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the impact of Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an independent – both on the functioning of the Senate and the 2024 Senate race in Arizona. They also break down the reporting of Bari Weiss on how Twitter really was shadow banning  – or “visibility filtering”  – certain accounts on the right. And they discuss the bizarre case of the Biden administration’s non-binary nuclear waste expert being charged with another felony after a second case of stealing someone else’s luggage at the airport.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the news that former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker was trying to prevent reporters Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss from seeing certain documents related to Twitter’s spiking of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. They also dissect Sen. Warnock’s win over Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff and lament that there seem to be no consequences for any major GOP figure for terrible midterm results. And they fume as Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon informs his prosecutors to lessen charges against criminals to prevent suspects from facing deportation.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down the very significant revelations about how Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. They also unload on President Trump for demanding to be installed immediately as president or for a new election through “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”  And they rip on the Democrats too as incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries repeatedly called into question the legitimacy of Trump’s election in 2016.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for blasting Apple’s nauseating practices of silencing American voices it disagrees with and groveling before the Chinese government by making it harder for protesters there to get their messages out. They also groan as the crisis in Haiti is on the brink of collapse and the Biden administration fails to get other nations to take the lead on the response. And they discuss whether Kevin McCarthy will have the 218 votes needed to become speaker after at least two GOP members say they won’t back him on the House floor come January.

Strike a Blow for Free Speech


Those people who consider themselves as the prince-electors are aiming to destroy the Elon Musk-owned Twitter unless they are able to bring Musk to heel.  Many advertisers have been pressured into stopping or suspending their advertising on the platform, and Apple is apparently thinking of banning Twitter from the App Store.

As Musk said yesterday: “This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.”

Join Jim and Greg as they assess how the Georgia Senate run-off will be impacted by Gov. Kemp firing up his get-out-the-vote machine on behalf of Herschel Walker. Jim also walks us through the basics of the FTX implosion and the impact on our politics. Finally, they roll their eyes as another public protest from outgoing Twitter employees convinced many users that the platform was about to implode and the site turned into a death vigil.

Has Twitter Changed?


When I was producing The Roth Effect, Carol Roth and I were both stumped by the reaction. Or should I say, lack of a reaction, to most of our shows. Here was a woman who was on television constantly and had a decent following on Twitter (160K+ followers) and yet the show languished just north of 3,000 downloads every week.

She tweeted about it, her guests tweeted about it, and nothing seemed to work. Occasionally though she would get a DM or reply to one of her Tweets and the gist of it was always the same, “You have a podcast? When did that start?”

Shadowbanning and throttling the distribution of Tweets based on keywords has long been suspected. Without the code that does it, it remains an unprovable charge. After Elon Musk fired several top executives last week, his team of software engineers went in and locked the system. He has 44 billion reasons for that, not the least of which is to see if Twitter’s former management misrepresented anything during the purchase period.

Join Jim and Greg as they pop the popcorn and enjoy the left melting down on Twitter over the news that Elon Musk is officially running Twitter now. They also call out President Biden for the bald-faced lie that gas prices were above five dollars per gallon when he took office. And they give credit to the Washington Post for saying James Bennet was right in his standoff with the editorial department mob at the New York Times over an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton back in 2020.

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Androgynous ginger weirdo screams obscenities and racial slurs through a Mr. Microphone outside a Matt Walsh Rally Against Child Sexual Mutilation. (And isn’t it insane that the sexual mutilation of children is something that has to be actively fought against in our society?) Portlandia hair-dye weirdos throw tantrums after a college speaker says that men […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer House Republicans for planning to shine a bright spotlight on China’s many atrocities at home and abroad – from pushing fentanyl into the U.S. to supply chain vulnerability to the persecution of the Uighurs. They also discuss the unique polling approach of the Trafalgar surveys and what it will mean if Republican voters are even more reticent to say who they support but are more determined than ever to vote. And they sigh as Twitter promises ramped-up “fact-checking” that will ramp up before the midterms.

Twitter Buyout Going Ahead?


Despite the ongoing litigation, I’ve remained cautiously optimistic that Elon Musk might yet buy Twitter and clean house. Now there’s word that he may go ahead with it after all.

I’m delighted and hope he continues. I returned to Twitter after a 13-year absence when Musk announced his intention to buy the platform. I’ve remained there in hopes that the sale would eventually go through: failing that, I’ll eventually leave, because it remains a cesspool of censorious leftism — and, yes, there are an awful lot of fake accounts.