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Kurt Schlichter, Senior Columnist at Townhall.com and conservative commentator, joins Carol Roth to discuss the current state of free speech, corporatism and deplatforming vis-à-vis America’s political divide. Kurt pulls no punches as he shares the newly named “Schlichter principle” and how it applies to freedom and how things could possibly change- for better or worse.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on how to make the best steak ever.

Silicon Valley vs. Free Speech


Suddenly, free speech is in serious trouble.

Six years ago, CEO Jack Dorsey could proclaim “Twitter stands for freedom of expression. We stand for speaking truth to power.“ Last week, Dorsey and other big tech titans unleashed a massive speech suppression initiative, based on the notion that not only President Trump, but also anyone who supported him, including conservatives and Republicans en masse, must be silenced in the interest of public safety.

The silencing was comprehensive and ruthless. Recently increased censorship in social media had all been directed to the right. Then Facebook and Twitter joined in a permanent ban of the president. It was necessary to silence the President of the United States, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, because his claims of voter fraud were false and it would be dangerous to allow him to keep making them.

Are There Real Alternatives to Twitter and Facebook?


I turned on my laptop this morning to find this on bonginoreport.com, a favorite news aggregator.

When news broke yesterday, following the horrific events at the US Capitol on January 6th, that President Trump was being permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, I was not surprised. I was surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It was done so for the flimsiest of reasons: that the President violated their “standards” by promoting violence. Of course, they provided no real evidence of that. They simply joined the mob and repeated the notion that Trump fomented – incited – an insurrection at the Capitol.

Ep. 270 – Jeff Brain, CEO & Founder at CloutHub discusses how social media Tech Titans Facebook and Twitter used censorship to impact the Presidential Election. What is the future for the platforms, will Trump achieve changes for Section 230, and what does the future for Social Media look like with new platforms like CloutHub coming on strong.

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This little article was inspired by and will mostly discuss a little Dan McLaughlin Tweet: George, if you have a free moment, could you ask @ProjectLincoln to apologize for its attack on one of our profession's core values? https://t.co/P3uMC9jmUd https://t.co/PxQzU5Fn0t — Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) November 18, 2020 Preview Open

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Bryan Sharpe, known online as “Hotep Jesus,” and a tech entrepreneur, author and podcaster, joins Carol Roth to talk culture, entrepreneurship and technology. Carol uncovers Bryan’s entrepreneurship origin story from cologne spritzing to his current work in AI and blockchain endeavors. Bryan and Carol give some great advice on marketing and being a successful entrepreneur and explore the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on W. E. B. Du Bois.

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Let’s assume for a moment that the Democrats actually won the Presidential election, and that the Republicans retain a slim majority in the Senate, effectively stymieing efforts of the Biden/Harris/Biden administration to significantly transform America for the next couple of years. Two thoughts occur to me, along with the possibility of a synergistic relationship. First, […]

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The Heroine and the Pissant


The heroine is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whom Peter Robinson featured along with Peter Berkowitz on his latest Uncommon Knowledge program. It was a pleasure listening to these three thoughtful, serious people discussing timeless ideas of overwhelming and immediate importance. It was also a stark reminder that in this hyper-political moment, but also in our general age of facile discourse and ceaseless sensationalism, not everyone is obsessed with the shallow hyperbole of contrived identitarianism and manufactured grievance: there remain enduring and worthy ideas, and people of substance continue to engage them.

I have followed the career of Ayaan Hirsi Ali since the English-language publication of Infidel, her autobiography, in 2007. This is a woman who has experienced the oppressive and crushing ideology of political Islam; lived it, escaped it, and then risked her life to expose it. As people are murdered in France this week for the crime of insulting the barbaric doctrines of an intolerant faith, Ms. Ali and a handful of people like her accept the very real risks of being prominent and outspoken critics of sharia law and Islamic supremacism.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome CNN’s Wolf Blitzer getting a reality check on police work. They also shudder as the far left starts lining up for cabinet spots in a possible Biden administration. And as the Girl Scouts delete an innocuous tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett because of complaints from lefties, Jim implores Americans to stand up for themselves and tell the mob to go pound sand.

Ep. 263 – Matthew Tyrmand, Investigative Reporter, and the source on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Prove MASSIVE CORRUPTION with 26,000 emails from Bevan Cooney, Devon Archer, the Cover-Up by BigTech, Media and Censorship. And then Dave’s Election Predictions, Borat 2 review and what’s at stake on Nov. 3rd.

The Censorship Is Real


So someone on Twitter commented about Joe Biden being able to survive COVID-19, and I couldn’t help myself. I pointed out he was weak, frail, uncertain, and had no confidence. I pointed out that when you lack confidence that you can beat an illness, the likelihood is that the illness is going to kill you. It was fair commentary. I mentioned that I had clinical experience that bore out those observations in the tweet. There were no threats. It wasn’t targeted toward Joe Biden. It was a simple observation. But not to Twitter.

I was booted for 12 hours because of that tweet.

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The people who run Twitter swear that they pull so-called “Hate Speech” from their platform when they discover it.  The problem seems to be their definition of “Hate Speech”.  Just recently, members of the Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib) have been accusing Twitter of “shielding Trump from Hate-tweets”.  Now, didn’t Twitter say they don’t […]

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Ep. 258 – John Ziegler, Senior Columnist at Mediaite, talk-show host and Emmy award-winning filmmaker, discusses being Never Trump, the real story of the California and New York lockdowns, what will happen in the upcoming election, and his discussion with Glenn Beck.

A Strong, Intelligent Woman


Ben Shapiro commented on a Twitter post from a woman who decided that hysterically screaming obscenities was a good thing to share with everyone. Someone purporting to be a doctor apparently thinks that hysterically screaming obscenities is the definition of strength and intelligence:

No magazine this week but there is still plenty to talk about!

The guys first dive headfirst into the debate about reopening public schools. As is typical of our culture, it turned into a political battle with President Trump wanting schools across the nation to open up and unions decrying the idea of doing so (with the help of Democratic politicians who do what the unions want) unless it is “safe.”

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect three different hacks. First, they dig into Russia caught by the U.S. and two other countries trying to hack COVID research. They also discuss the Twitter hack that briefly hijacked high-profile accounts to run a bitcoin scam. And they discuss the political hackery of MSNBC as Chuck Todd claims the cable network has no editorial viewpoint during the daytime. Finally, they foreshadow the allegedly looming bombshell about to hit D.C.

Join Jim and Greg as they cringe over President Trump’s tweet targeting a 75-year-old protester who suffered a head injury following a confrontation with Buffalo police. They also throw up their hands as the Minnesota State Patrol admits its officers slashed tires of some unoccupied vehicles during the recent riots, with an explanation that defies credulity. And they unload…again…on the World Health Organization for fostering massive confusion by suggesting that asymptomatic COVID patients very rarely infected other people – and the correction only made things even more confusing.

Four bad martinis to close out the week, all related to the unrest in Minnesota last night.  First, Jim and Greg slam local officials for simply abandoning the neighborhood near the third police precinct to widespread arson and rioting while shaking their heads as MSNBC’s Ali Velshi claims most people are not “unruly” while a giant fire rages behind him. They cringe as Hennepin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman told reporters Thursday there was evidence suggesting there was no criminal conduct committed against George Floyd and as President Trump and Twitter go to war over social media in the midst of all this. And they’re dumbfounded as the Minnesota State Patrol arrests a CNN crew that was being cooperative and clearly stating they were media. Finally, they learn as they record that Officer Chauvin will be arrested for the murder of Floyd.