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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis! First, they cheer the apparent demise of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board. They also react to the razor-close GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania and the congressional primary defeat of Rep. Madison Cawthorn. Finally, they’re encouraged by Republican primary voters turning out in much bigger numbers than Democrats.


Join Jim & Greg as they cheer a majority of U.S. senators rejecting the Democrats’ abortion bill that would have ended hundreds of state restrictions and forced pro-life doctors to perform abortions. They’re also glad to see record early voting turnout in Georgia, a vindication of last year’s new election laws that Democrats said was Jim Crow 2.0. And they shudder as the Producer Price Index measure of inflation was still at 11 percent in April.


Turnout Projections: Malaise?


With election day just two weeks away, I was somewhat startled to realize this morning just how quiet things seem. I am seeing far fewer road signs, for example, and hardly any fliers in my snail-mailbox — contrary to past years, including midterm elections. Among co-workers and friends, a few are talking about the various crises (Ebola, ISIS, and so forth), but no one is really talking about the election. My observations are purely anecdotal, of course, but there just seems to be a general lack of intensity when it comes to the upcoming vote. In my very red state, the energy level looks nothing like 2010. I can’t help but to think that we’re looking at a real potential for low turnout this year across the board.

Is it crisis fatigue? Is it Obama fatigue, and knowing that 2016 is still pretty far away? Is it a growing sense that it doesn’t matter who gets into office; that things are mucked up now and will stay mucked up for the foreseeable future?