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It’s all crazy martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they break down the criticism of First Lady Jill Biden after her cringeworthy pandering to Latinos in Texas. They also the growing evidence that the story of a 10-year-old girl being raped and denied an abortion may be pure fiction. And they groan at the calls for Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart to run for president – which Stewart is thankfully rejecting at this point.


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Wiser leaders and editorialists would focus on the growing crisis of mental illness, not pursue political advantage, when pontificating on at least several tragic shootings this past week. It’s a statement that Rahm Emanuel, former partisan Democratic congressman, Clinton White House Chief of Staff, and spectacularly failed ex-mayor of Chicago, claims is taken out of […]

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Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, who founded the anti-Trump website ‘The Dispatch’ have decided to quit ‘contributing’ to FoxNews. (Their roles on the network was described as ‘contributors’ so I assume they contributed something. What, I’m not sure.) The NY Times, for reasons we can only speculate, deemed their departures newsworthy.   The ostensible reason for […]

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Jim and guest host Chad Benson applaud China for realizing that insulting all of your neighbors does not garner influence. They are also bewildered by the incompetency of the vote counting in NYC’s Democratic primary which is expected to last until July 6. Lastly, they ponder the merit of Tucker Carlson’s claim that the NSA is spying on his show.


Free-Market Donald


Donald Trump was the most free-market-oriented president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan, and the economy showed it. Probably because of his rhetoric, many people don’t know about the Donald’s free-market proclivities. The people that don’t know about it seem to fall into two major categories:

  1. Ardent Trump supporters.
  2. Ardent Trump haters.

Protectionism prevents President Trump from being a free-market purist, but he was more marketed oriented than his four predecessors. Some, though not all, of that protectionism was justified for strategic and moral reasons.

It was the free-market side of his policies that made the economy roar. Rich, poor, corporations, workers, and people of all races benefitted. Not to mention all 37 genders. Of course, the Left will reverse it all in the name of Compassion.

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Tucker Carlson gave this powerful speech at Turning Point USA 2020 “Student Action Summit” this month. How do you get through to the youth who are getting so much mis-information through social media, through the educational system and so forth? A statue of Lincoln was pulled down in Boston this month. This is now not […]

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson joins Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford to discuss his historic ratings surge and why he’s resonating with the public right now. Carlson shares his thoughts on recent cultural upheaval, elites, riots, vandalism, the state of the American right, and answers the $1,000,000 question: What does Tucker Carlson want?

Carlson calls on Republicans who are elected to congress and those who run right-wing think tanks to step up and represent the values of their voters. While the left runs nearly every institution in American social and political life, Republicans consistently fail their voters by not acting, Carlson says.

ACF PoMoCon #12: Plague Politics


Pete Spiliakos and I talk about politics in the age of the plague–what’s so insane about supply-side economics, what it means to think politically and prudentially, what the common good requires, and how to understand our weaknesses that we may deal with them. Fear is good, seriousness is required, preparing for the crisis unfolding, and planning for overcoming it is the sequence we need to go through. Pete and I have praise for Tucker Carlson and Sen. Tom Cotton, and a lot of criticism for everyone else.

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Remember when the Left was ranting about Koch Brothers cash, Halliburton, etc. buying foreign policy?  Most of us dismissed it – especially since the Left seemed to ignore the windfall of cash they received from Soros and Steyer.  If people wanted to support more free market government, that’s great.  What if we were missing something?   […]

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Don’t Ask Government for Love, Tucker


Tucker Carlson is completely right about one thing – the decline of marriage is a great challenge of our times. I’ve written a whole book about it. So, you’d think I would rejoice that Carlson’s rant-heard-round-the-right focused on it. Sorry, no. I’ve rarely seen such a cynical and misleading use of television.

Everything that is going wrong with this country, Carlson instructed his viewers, is the consequence of “uncaring” politicians. They don’t care about your 19-year-old son who’s high on pot. Why? “It’s not an accident.” It’s because “our leaders understood that they could get rich from marijuana.” Never mind that 62 percent of voters say they want to decriminalize marijuana.

“Our ruling class,” Carlson intones, doesn’t care that firms like Bain Capital strip mine companies and leave retirees without benefits because “it’s the way they run the country.” To the barricades, comrades!

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America tackle three crazy martinis today.  They wade into the battle of monstrous egos as CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta grandstands and tries to debate President Trump about the migrants headed for the U.S. border and Trump responds by calling Acosta a “terrible person” and pulling his White House press credentials.  They also recoil as Antifa protesters find the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, damaging his front door,  and chanting that they know where he sleeps while Carlson’s wife hides in the pantry.  They get a kick out of the rank hypocrisy of the left-wing Women’s March for berating the white women who voted for Republicans.  And Alexandra takes us inside the North Dakota and Indiana Senate wins for the GOP and what she learned from covering those two races closely.

Real Donald Trump Blunder? “Montenegro” Isn’t Montenegro.


No president is perfect, else we would allow unlimited terms. I support President Trump’s actions towards Russia, am not discomforted by the Helsinki summit, and believe the upcoming DC summit to be a good thing. I also recognize that the relentlessly hostile network and cable news media make the islands of apparently friendly forums attractive. With all those qualifications, I was jarred by the President’s response to Tucker Carlson on “Montenegro.” I am concerned because of history and because it is clear “Montenegro,” in Tucker’s agenda, is not Montenegro. A quick look at the map shows what I mean.

“What people in New England who hate Trump are really saying is ‘I make over $100 grand a year and I have a graduate degree.'”

So says Fox News host Tucker Carlson in this bonus edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast. He also talks about his family’s connections to Maine, the bizarre story of the book-banning “bookstore,” and why you’ll never hear the phrase “I can’t believe you said that” from him.

Tucker Carlson’s Summary of the Manafort Indictment


Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke some Russia news this week:

“In the meantime, if you’re looking for a summary of all of this — here’s the one-sentence Cliff note to the whole affair: The chairman of one major presidential campaign colluded with the brother of the chairman of the other major presidential campaign to enrich themselves by secretly advancing the interests of a foreign adversary. That happened. That’s the swamp they told you that needed to be drained.”

A no-holds-barred conversation/debate/suck-up session with my pal Tucker Carlson. You think he’s off-the-hook on TV? Listen to this podcast. Yikes!


Fox Chooses Tucker to Replace Megyn


The big media news on Tuesday was Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News for NBC. Now Fox has announced her replacement:

Tucker Carlson, the veteran cable television host and conservative writer, will succeed Megyn Kelly in the coveted 9 p.m. slot on Fox News, the network announced on Thursday.

The move comes just weeks after Mr. Carlson, a former co-host of CNN’s “Crossfire” and founder of the Daily Caller, a right-leaning news and opinion site, took over Fox News’s 7 p.m. hour, where he has beaten network rivals in the Nielsen ratings.

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A number of people have tried to understand and explain this election cycle. Tucker Carlson just walked in, explained it, and dropped the mic. There is too much in this article for me to quote, so I’ll just leave the link and let it speak for itself. His indictment of Washington culture and politically correct […]

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