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Thinking Outside the Swamp


It should be no surprise if everyone on Team Swampy gets off without even facing charges voted out of a grand jury, even if FBI agents gave away secrets to a foreign spy. To restore justice, both real and perceived, it is time for Attorney General Barr to think outside the legal swamp. It is time to make a serious case, in public and all the way to the Supreme Court, for a change of venue to a pool of demonstrably fair-minded prospective jurors.

Without this credible threat, the chance of the outside review team, leaked to the New York Times to discredit any negative findings, actually unearthing the wrongdoing of Democrats in career prosecutor disguise will approach nil. The Flynn review will produce little in the way of real justice, that is in severe legal, financial, and career consequences to the team that perpetrated this fraudulent prosecution. The wider review of political prosecutions, together with the Durham legal campaign, will produce so little as to support the DNC, deep state, and TruCon lapdogs’ claim that it has always been noble public servants standing against Orange Man Bad and his Deplorables.

The case to be made is that voter rolls, campaign contributions, and geotagged social media posts, coded for political and social views and intensity, all overwhelmingly show what “everybody knows.” We all understand that the same group of voters who put the radical Democrats into power in Virginia is conflicted out of fairly considering grand jury testimony involving Orange Man Bad. This means every single case that every social media, print, broadcast, and cable forum is demonstrably coding as pro- or con-Trump and his Deplorables.

Steve Scalise for the Win, Part 2


Many months ago, in May 2018, I reacted to Paul Ryan’s announced retirement, while failing to yield the Speakership, with an impassioned plea for Majority Whip Steve Scalise to be immediately elevated to Speaker, leading the House Republicans to midterm election victory. This week’s news has, regrettably, borne out the wisdom of that advice. If the Republicans hold the House majority, it will be despite the worst efforts of Ryan, and thanks to Congressman Steve Scalise and President Donald Trump.

It should have been obvious, to all House Republicans who wished to retain their majority, and the power and perks of office, that:

Reviewing “The Great Revolt” in the Context of Five Countrywide Types


Salena Zito and Brad Todd’s new book The Great Revolt is a great read, based on extensive interviews with Trump voters as well as a Great Revolt survey. It’s important to note, though, that in the survey and later for the book, there are only interviews with Trump supporters from a specific geographical region: Trump supporters hailing from the five “Rust Belt” states of Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania; and even more specifically, from ten electorally-significant counties within these states.

Zito and Todd’s focus on Trump voters from behind the “Blue Wall” of rust-belt counties, which had been stubbornly blue before Trump, ought to be treasured for what it is: neither a description of American Trump voters in general, nor the final word on America’s new populist-conservative coalition, but a testament to the power of geography in our electoral process, and to the strategic importance of not overlooking those who might otherwise go overlooked.

In The Great Revolt, Zito and Todd identify “seven clusters of voters integral to [Trump’s] winning coalition.” These clusters are not meant to describe all types of Trump voters, or even the bulk of Trump voters; instead, they’re meant to describe crucial Trump voters: voters Zito and Todd believe were vital to Trump’s storming of the “Blue Wall” to achieve electoral victory. While Zito and Todd also argue that these seven types of voters serve as bellwethers for a more general populist-conservative realignment, it would be a mistake to lose sight of the fact that the “great” in The Great Revolt refers not to our country as a whole, but to the power of people in places which have lately been overlooked to make a great difference in our politics.

Speaker Scalise for the Win!


The 2018 primaries are upon us, and the House GOP has an opportunity to win bigly, if they give eligible voters a reason to show up and vote for Republicans. In the face of Senate obstacles to legislative victories, House Republicans need to take meaningful action within their own control. The most dramatic such action would be forcing the election of a new Speaker against the wishes of the entrenched establishment. Representative Steve Scalise is uniquely qualified to lead Republicans to victory in the current political environment, given the clear Democratic Party strategy.

There is nothing inevitable about Republicans losing the House or Senate this November. Claims of scientific law-like electoral behavior in midterms ignore basic statistical modeling issues, starting with the small-N problem, that is the lack of predictive power due to lack of adequate data points to support statistical significance. Nevertheless, it has generally been the case that the party in the White House loses seats in Congress in the midterms. On the other hand, there are reasons pointing at least towards cautious optimism and reasons to engage in both the primaries and general election.

Member Post


On Slack today, @exjon observed, “Condemning Nazis is the easiest political move in history. It costs Trump nothing.” I disagreed. There are a lot of ordinary people who fear that “Nazi”, at least these days, is chiefly a stick that elitists use to beat the proles. This fear, as many Trump voters like to put is, […]

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