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A few years back, in furtherance of president obama’s (sic) anti-gun agenda, Bank of America got ahead of the curve of “Operation Chokepoint” and fired Barrett Firearms as a customer. Lumping a legal gun manufacturer (and supplier of the US Army) with paycheck lenders and trying to deny them banking services under this heavy-handed justice […]

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For those of you who read my most recent post, you know that I called out the Reluctant and Never Trump people and told them I believed it was time for them to join the Trump team. As a result, I think it’s only right for me to speak to those of you who have been Trump supporters for a long time, and explain why I think you should welcome those who held back their support for Trump.

Let me first point out that many people who were not willing to support Trump earlier commented on the OP referenced above that they’ve come around, with varying degrees of enthusiasm; some of them are cautiously optimistic; others are willing to support him with a dispassionate eye. The point is that lots of people admitted to changing their minds and are now on board. This was shared with almost no mention of the hostility that has developed on Ricochet between the Never Trump and Trump contingents.