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Tulsa: My First Trump Rally


Late last year, pre-COVID, I told my family I wanted to go to the next Trump rally anywhere near home (Atlanta). I considered going to the Nov 2018 rally in Macon, GA, Trump held to support Brian Kemp, as it was only a two-hour drive but didn’t adjust my schedule and the opportunity slipped by. A 2019 rally in Panama City Beach, FL, caught my eye, but it was a weekday, and I just couldn’t fit in the five-hour drive. Same problem with the Charlotte, NC, rally in March this year–the last opportunity before everything stopped.

When Trump chose Tulsa to host the restart of his rallies, I realized it would be only a two-and-a-half-hour drive, as the 19th fell in the middle of a work trip to south-central Oklahoma. But with my work schedule and the expected line to get in, there was no way to make it on Friday night. I discover the next day that the rally had been moved to Saturday–perfect, as my client is not working weekends.

Silence Is Consent


We know that President Trump relies heavily on the feedback he gets from MAGA rally crowds. If Second Amendment voters are keeping silent on gun control and just cheering at Trump’s rallies, he reasonably believes he has them on his side. So it is a great shame on every gun owner who showed up at the New Hampshire Trump reelection rally unprepared, with several friends, to start chanting “Keep Your Word!” That sound of silence was reasonably taken by President Trump as confirmation that he could talk his 2016 voters into any position he takes in 2019.

He was so cocky as to say “you have no choice but to vote for me.” The crowd should have chanted back “Romney, Romney, Romney, Keep Your Word, Keep Your Word, Keep Your Word.” They failed to push him back onto the rails, even though rally crowds have independently raised other chants.

Member Post


Whatever happened to peaceful protest?  Did it die with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King? It saddens me that each time Donald Trump has a rally somewhere, many aggressive people show up looking for a fight.  That took place again in San Jose.  People use, as an excuse, their dislike for him as a […]

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