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Who Needs Frank or Parler?


This week brings news of Mike Lindell’s bumpy launch of a new social media platform—bearing the witty name of Frank—and Parler’s pending return to Apple’s App Store. Neither story will likely gladden the heart of social conservatives living in the noisy culture of social media.

Both Frank and Parler are misguided efforts to create alternatives to Facebook and Twitter by lowering the bar on civil speech while ostensibly cherishing free speech. The need for alternatives is real, to be sure. Anyone with a distaste for data harvesting, invasions of privacy, trash talk, inconsistent and arbitrarily enforced terms of service, and treating users as commodities would do well to avoid both platforms.

If You Post on Ricochet, Do the Job Right


I put up an OP a couple of days ago, and it was so delightful that I didn’t want it to end. But of course, all good things must come to an end (so they say).

What made the post especially fun was that we had a controversial topic with people sharing honestly, forthrightly and fairly. There were a few dustups, but they were pretty mild, and the discussions of differences were genuine and tactful. In other words, it was just about a perfect post, IMHO.

I commented on the nature of the discussions, and one person commented that it went so well because the usual trolls hadn’t shown up. I don’t know who the current trolls are, quite honestly, but I think the commenter was at least partly correct. There could be a number of reasons for their not participating: (1) they don’t like me, (2) they don’t like my views, (3) they didn’t like the topic, (4) or you can fill in the blank. Then the light bulb came on. I wondered if the managing or moderating of my own posts makes a difference.

Nick Searcy on Hollywood, Racism, DACA, and Twitter Trolls


Nick SearcyNick Searcy has been seen in American film and television for almost 20 years, but working in Hollywood as an outspoken Conservative isn’t easy. In this episode of Whiskey Politics, Nick joins us to discuss how the Left has become the racist party of “a different form.” Nick also discusses how to engage liberal trolls online, the impact Andrew Breitbart’s death had on him, DACA, liberal Republicans being primaried in 2018, their Obamacare repeal promises, how the Left may be surprised in 2018 and 2020, and how to get your car keyed in tolerant Los Angeles.

Member Post


Are we all now sufficiently ticked off after Comey’s announcement? Or should I call it a betrayal? And we still have over four l-o-o-o-ng months before the election. But now more than ever, we must be vigilant! The trolls and baiters will be out in numbers! Frayed nerves, anger, hopelessness have all gone up a […]

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Can Hillary Do Anything Authentically? #DeleteYourBotsHillary


It’s Friday, and since that’s another day of the week, it means a further example of Hillary’s deception and deceit. The accumulated never-ending pile of poop emojis fills the massive trust and honesty deficit canyon known as Clinton, Inc. as exhibited in yesterday’s incredible video. Even after President Obama endorses the first female criminally investigated presidential nominee, her campaign continues to fray at its tattered and torn duplicitous edges.

If you spend anytime online beyond the friendly confines of Ricochet you are aware there is a yuge pro-Hillary support group who bounce from site to site and regurgitate similar spew with such vitriolic precision that it even astounds those who dwell under bridges. And yet, surprise … it now turns out that most of her soylent green “fans” are in fact not made of people, but bits and bytes. Yes, Hillary’s campaign is spending its contributors hard earned donations on creating robots to saturate Algore’s invention.