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Our last heavily-wooded neighborhood consisted of a large circular, gravel road with night lights only coming from our lamp post and the moon. It was over half built-out, and the few kiddies outgrew trick-or-treating.  Yet every year, we faithfully bought candy, dressed up and I turned up the volume on my spooky tape. I bought […]

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A Perfect Hand


Have you ever had or seen a perfect hand dealt in a game of cards? In Euchre it’s called a “Lay-Down Loner,” as you have such a powerful hand that you can not only have your partner sit that round out, but just drop your cards right on the table and take the entire hand.

But Euchre plays with a short deck, with only the nines and above, you only get five cards per hand (with four discarded) and the trump suit changes from hand to hand. It’s a quick game, and the rapid turn of the cards means that you will likely see a perfect Loner in any best-of-three evening (usually when you’re holding the right cards for the wrong trump). The more cards in play for any given game, the less likely you will ever see that perfect hand.

Take Hearts, as that plays with a full deck, dealt out in its entirety to the four players. The best hand in Hearts is the one that lets you Shoot the Moon. Normally in Hearts your goal is to avoid taking tricks where hearts have been played, and to also avoid taking the Queen Of Spades.