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Back in June, there was a long Ricochet discussion of transgender people, the psychology of gender dysphoria, and more.  I recall mentioning the hypothetical of someone who wanted to be a child again in Bryan’s thread, but the issue dropped off the radar. Then I read this off of Jonah Goldberg’s twitter. Preview Open

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Science Requires We Not Call a Man a Woman


Jenner-711x999What’s my name? Muhammad Ali

“What’s my name? What’s my name?” In the eighth round of their 1967 bout, Muhammad Ali yelled that question to Ernie Terrell every time he hit him. Terrell refused to call the former Cassius Clay his new chosen name before the fight, and Ali wanted to make a point about it.

There was no politics to Terrell’s refusal. There was no religion about it. Terrell was trash-talking against the man who, regrettably, made trash-talking in sports mainstream. I never liked Ali the bully in the ring or Ali the coward outside the ring (full disclosure: I grew up a Joe Frazier fan).