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Can You Help? I’m Confused About Transgender and Women’s Rights


As a lawyer, I try to understand the arguments for the “other side” regardless of whether I might agree with them. Being able to argue my opponent’s position sometimes reveals opportunities for agreement or settlement, and highlights weaknesses in my own position that I may need to shore up.

But I’m having trouble with recent developments in the “transgender” rights, specifically the court in Canada that is considering whether to require female employees of a grooming salon to view and to handle the private parts of a man who apparently wants to pretend he is a woman, and the US “Equality” Act that has been passed by the House of Representatives that would require women and girls to be exposed to men in women’s spaces such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, and showers.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss female Connecticut athletes in Connecticut filing a federal discrimination complaint against their state’s policy on allowing biological males who identify as females to compete against biological females. They also talk about The New York Times excluding questions concerning abortion in favor of fluff questions for the Democratic presidential candidates. And they discuss Joe Biden boasting about his past work relationships with segregationist colleagues in the Senate.

Transgenderism Is Female Appropriation


Men who become women, transgender if you like, are simply appropriating the female appearance. Without the proper body functions, this is only a surface change. It is a change in the appearance, not in the genetic material that makes a woman female. Some of the hormones may be added or subtracted, sure, however, it does not mean having a truly female experience.

Transgender women never have a first period. They never have the worry about being pregnant; either that they are or that they’re not. They never have the joy of wondering just how normal their anatomical bits are: they are scientifically implanted or grown and adjusted according to spec. They never grow up with the fear of men.

The Young Americans bring their first young non-American onto the show, as National Review’s Madeleine Kearns, who hails from Scotland, discusses the ins and outs of transgenderism and young people with Jack.

Transgender Curriculum for Kindergarten


Our schools have been corrupted in many ways that are difficult to fathom: U.S. History has been distorted, English composition has been bastardized, standards continue to be lowered to accommodate the worst students. And now we are brainwashing students as early as kindergarten, saying that transgender students are normal. How did we arrive at this place?

We often point to the Leftist agenda for these changes in education. Just to give you an idea of how sophisticated these efforts are, we can look at Washington State, where the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has established new requirements. This summary gives you the highlights, from K-12. In the case of the OSPI, parents were not notified of these changes.

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http://enews.earthlink.net/article/us?guid=20190311/43a11e2b-770e-423a-855c-ec513348ac1b Please especially read the part about 16-year-old Connor Thonen-Fleck towards the end, seeking insurance coverage to give “him” a “more typically male chest,” which is to say not an inborn healthy female chest – as if gender reassignment by the body owner’s brain makes it real in every way, thereby a guide to surgery. Whereas […]

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By now, most everyone has read about the ‘activist’ in Michigan who burned their house to a shell while five pets (2 German Shepherds and 3 cats) were inside July 2017. Firefighters couldn’t enter because one dog’s body blocked the door. Why did this ‘thing’ do this? Reports are varied, but the gist is it […]

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This is a women’s (ahem) track meet in Connecticut. It’s also one of the first times I agree with Martina Navratilova. When will women revolt against the T fantasy (or nightmare). Here’s an article discussing these supposed women.  https://amp.miamiherald.com/news/article226719779.html Preview Open

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David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America pop some popcorn as Democrats will likely have to eliminate one of their members from the Senate Judiciary Committee and the one with the least seniority – California’s Kamala Harris – is furiously fighting to stay on the panel.  Of course, all of this is assuming Republicans will win the Mississippi Senate runoff Tuesday, in a race that has Republicans increasingly nervous.  They also roll their eyes as Ohio Gov. John Kasich is seriously considering another White House bid and David explains why Kasich is the answer to a question no one is asking.  And they shake their heads as Twitter starts banning users for “misgendering” or “deadnaming” transgenders online and perpetuates efforts to stifle all debate on the issue.

Professor Files Lawsuit Against University Requirement to Use Transgender Labels


Professor Nicholas Meriwether has finally had enough.

In June 2018, a warning was put in this professor’s personnel file because he refused to refer to a transgender student, who was biologically male and called himself Alena Breuning, with female personal pronouns.

But Ms. Bruening demanded to be referred to as “Miss” and “she” in accordance with the student’s gender identity, filing a complaint against her professor earlier this year for not accommodating her wishes.

Welcome dysphorics, welcome to the land of normalcy – the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast. By number 197! (O.M.G.!!) By date? October 24, 2018. By name? The Immigration Dysphoria Podcast, and, by hosts, Todd Feinburg, east coast radio guy and Mike Stopa, west coast AI guy!

This week we discuss the onslaught, the tsunami, the coming hordes. Yes, another army of illegal aliens has decided that, basically, we are their Daddy. They want in, gol dern it. They are bangin on our door. We got stuff. They want our stuff. And who is in here trying to help them? Can you say C-H-A-M-B-E-R! Another name for American slime. Trump has sold out to the fat-assed, business first Republican traitors. What does that mean for the invasion? We discuss.

Define “Historic”


Vermont gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist.

Tuesday’s primary results were hailed as “historic” by a number of media outlets. “Vermont Democrats made history Tuesday” declared the Burlington Free Press. NPR framed the matter with the same word, “historic,” as did the New York Times, ABC, and others. Most were pealing the bells for Vermont’s first “openly transgender” candidate for governor, Christine Hallquist. Hallquist was born male but now prefers to dress as a woman. Her success in the Democratic primary is being celebrated as comparable to the breakthroughs of African-American candidates (here is the New York Times video trumpeting a “night of firsts”).

The Gender Conformity Cop-In


@katebraestrup got a lot of love a while back on her post, “Thoughts From a Former Dysphoric”. My impression upon reading it was she was describing gender nonconformity, not dysphoria. Our dear Kate was a tomboy, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Dysphoria ought to mean deep discomfort, though, not just being a little different. The red tribe has an interest in both downplaying and, well, up playing “gender dysphoria”. Describing tomboyishness as “dysphoria” both downplays and up plays the condition: First, tomboyishness is not so bad, not really all that dysphoric, so what are people complaining about? Second, if every tomboy becomes convinced she’s “gender dysphoric” then oh my sweet Jesus on rollerskates, what is this world coming to?!! Before you know it, there’ll be fire and brimstone coming down from the skies; rivers and seas boiling; forty years of darkness; earthquakes, volcanoes; the dead rising from the grave; human sacrifice; dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria!

What about those who aren’t just tomboys, or their male equivalent, but truly unhappy in their birth sex, perhaps with good reason? Even then, even though their discomfort is real, they may find copping into gender conformity a more sensible solution than, as @henryracette put it, copping out of it.

Conservatives, Common Courtesy, and the Gender Police


Transgender issues seem to be a tricky thing for many conservatives. (And it’s only going to get worse.) For example, a conservative told me the other day that “Misgendering is not a thing.” If you’re not hip to the lingo, misgendering is when you call someone by a gender label other than what they identify as. Like, if you call a lady “sir.” And it can be done accidentally or on purpose. People who care about transgender issues tend to (rightly so) get worked up about it, especially when it is done intentionally.

They also get worked up about “deadnaming.” That’s when you refer to a person who has transitioned by their pre-transition name. I see both misgendering and deadnaming occur here regularly on Ricochet anytime someone brings up Caitlyn Jenner. You may not realize it, but both intentional deadnaming and misgendering are insensitive at best and offensive at worse.

Now, I understand why conservatives do this. They’re taking a stand to preserve what they see as objective reality. If you have a penis, you’re a man, after all. To deny that damages reality or something, so it must stop here and now. This far and no further. Ils ne passeront pas!