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Is everyone having themselves a fabulous “Pride” Month?  Isn’t it fantastic how the entire country has come together for a month-long celebration of sexual and moral depravity, debauchery, debasement and degradation?  And all in the name of “Pride” and tolerance!  Hey, how about that gay bar in Dallas that hosted a “Drag the Kids to […]

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The Boy-Girl Difference in Swimming Records


Earlier this week, @barfly wrote a post reporting on the rules adopted by the international governing authority in swimming, FINA, on so-called transgender athletes.  Specifically, the rules addressed the issue of biologically male swimmers who wished to engage in so-called transition, and then compete as females.

Barfly’s post includes the specific text of the rule, the essence of which is to prohibit anyone from competing in swimming as a woman if he has “experienced any part of male puberty beyond Tanner Stage 2 or before age 12, whichever is later.”  There is also a requirement for demonstrating the continued maintenance of a low testosterone level.

Andrew Klavan is a Bald Conservative


Wait. No, not bald. Bold. I meant to say that he’s a bold conservative. Shoot, I probably just earned a slap from the Chromed One.

Klavan is another of those online people for whom I have a lot of respect. I don’t agree with him about everything; he’s a man of faith and I am not, for example. But my impression of him is that he’s a deeply humane, thoughtful, and even wise man, and I very much appreciate his perspective.

What Is a Women’s History Month?


Since 1987, America has recognized March as Women’s History Month. In this year’s proclamation, President Biden wrote that the event “provides an opportunity to honor the generations of trailblazing women and girls who have built our Nation, shaped our progress, and strengthened our character as a people.”

Truly a noble effort. But in 2022, nothing can be so simple. We can’t even agree what a “woman” is, let alone “history” or “month.”

The latest example occurred during the hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R–Tenn.) asked the nominee, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?'”

The Disgraceful Lia Thomas


I’ve written elsewhere about this fellow, the guy who poses as a woman and crushes the hopes and dreams of real female college athletes. Finally one woman has come out publicly to complain about it, as reported in this blunt but excellent piece in the Spectator:

Reka Gyorgy showed commendable courage this weekend for finally speaking out against the National College Athletic Association’s rules regarding trans competitors. The Virginia Tech swimmer and Olympian was bumped out of a finals spot in the 500 free due to transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas’s participation.

Honestly? Well, Yes, Probably: Bari Weiss on Lia Thomas


I’ve written before about how much I appreciate Bari Weiss’s reporting, including her Honestly podcast. Hers is currently the only Substack publication for which I am a paying subscriber. I think she is important, a loud voice — albeit from the left — for free speech and open discussion of topics the left would generally like to have censored.

Her podcast today is about Lia Thomas, the man who swims on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team. This is obviously a sensitive topic: Say the wrong thing and, if you’re a public figure, you can expect to be canceled; if you’re just a regular person, anticipate abuse directed at you and, in this case, your daughter if she happens to swim on the team with Mr. Thomas.

Abigail Shrier’s ‘Irreversible Damage’


Others have already commented on this book on Ricochet. In particular, Susan Quinn wrote this very nice post that drew heavily from it. I commented on a Bari Weiss interview with Abigail Shrier here. I’m sure other members have mentioned it, and several Ricochet podcasters have interviewed Ms. Shrier.

I spent a couple of the past few days in planes and airports and had an opportunity to finish a book and read two others, one of which was Ms. Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.”

Bari Weiss Interview: Courage in the Face of Book Burners


I’m once again recommending a podcast from Bari Weiss. This one is an interview with Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: Teenage Girls and the Transgender Craze, her piece of investigative journalism (remember when that used to happen?) on the topic of the exploding “trans” movement afflicting young girls.

I have purchased the book but not yet read it. I’ll undoubtedly write about it after I do.

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In my continuing effort to track cultural weirdness, I had another eye opening exposure I thought I’d drop it in here: The growing use of the term “birthing person.” I didn’t quite get what it was for, and found a counseling practice that explained it. They are willing to use “mother” if that is what […]

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A Letter to My Gay Friends


June is widely recognized as “Pride Month,” and I’m sure we’ll see lots of reminders of that over the next few weeks. Most people aren’t aware that the Pride movement was inspired by, and is in part to commemorate, a specific series of events, the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969.

Like members of many other minority groups in American history, homosexual men and women faced discrimination, both legal and cultural, that was overcome only slowly and often at great personal cost. But it was overcome: today people who experience same-sex attraction have the same rights as heterosexuals and enjoy widespread public acceptance.

Conservatives and Gender Nonsense Tolerance


The whole gender identity movement, the so-called “trans” thing, the idea that sex is not biologically determined, the idea that it’s really more complicated than two overlapping bell curves of masculine and feminine traits — all of that seems pretty absurd to me. It also seems important, in that it’s the first time we Americans have been told that we have to profess belief in something patently absurd or face censure in the workplace and society — and possible prosecution in New York City.

I comment on it more often than something as ridiculous as the “trans” movement would seem to deserve. I usually comment about it on Facebook, rather than here, because I assume most people here are broadly in agreement that the whole thing is silly.

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We know we’re in Heinlein’s crazy years. Yes, the same Andrew Sullivan who was obsessed with Sarah Palin’s pregnancy has written a remarkably insightful piece on how intersectionality is a religion that children are being indoctrinated into.  Preview Open

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Pride Month and Father’s Day


Sunday was Father’s Day and June is Pride month. Until a few years ago, I’d have found nothing particularly incongruous about that conjunction: there is nothing about the celebration of one’s sexual preference, however odd it may be to call that “pride,” that precludes, obfuscates, or undermines an appreciation of the role fathers play in the lives of their children and their value to society.

The Absolute Right to Choose Your Own Pronouns


I believe both in the right of individuals to express their personal pronoun preferences and in the right of other individuals to ignore them. It’s the same right in each case: the right of freedom of expression and it’s a right I hold dear.

I understand that some folks in the trans movement would like to tell other people which words they can and can’t use. I don’t approve of that, because I really do believe in freedom of expression: the same freedom that lets a guy put on a dress and say “I’m a woman” lets me chuckle and say, “yeah, no. But let’s agree to disagree.”

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast – number 187!!! – for August 16, 2018 it’s the Too Much Preying edition of the show with your holier-than-thou hosts Todd Feinburg, radio guy, and Mike Stopa, AI bot. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

This week we are back into sex. We love to talk about sex. That’s pretty much all we can do concerning sex is talk about it so we might as well enjoy it.

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Science fiction author Ursule K. Le Guin has died. I want to talk about one of her obituaries–but a search of the site shows no one has commented on her death. So first, a quick summary of her life: Le Guin was a remarkable writer. She was also a member of the far left. Both […]

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The Tyranny of Pronouns


jack-sparrowWhen I think back on how prophetic Bob Dole was, I want to flambé a grammar book. You may recall that in the midst of losing the 1996 presidential election, he began referring to himself in the third person, as in: “Make no mistake, Bob Dole is going to be the Republican nominee.” But at least he had the good sense to use his actual name, and didn’t demand that we refer to him with inanities like “Ze,” or “Hir,” or “they.” And when he excused himself to go the men’s room Bob Dole didn’t say, ”Bob Dole has to go to the ladies room.” Dave Carter misses Bob Dole.

All of which is a far cry from Leo Soell, a fifth-grade teacher in Oregon who won a $60,000 lawsuit a few months back over her insistence that she be referred to as, “they.” Yes, you read that correctly. Want to read it again? It’s okay, I’ll wait. Let it sink in for a moment, and then let us pause briefly and pray that Soell doesn’t teach English, otherwise her fifth-graders won’t know the difference between third person plural and third person singularly ridiculous. Here, I disclose that I actually identify as a Lamborghini Owner (please contact Ricochet’s editors for instructions on how you can help accommodate my new identity).

Now comes news that University of Toronto professor is accused of hate speech for declining to address various students using “genderless pronouns.” Not only has Professor Jordan Peterson refused to refer to certain “transgender and black students” in genderless terms, but he delivered a two-part lecture on YouTube explaining his position: