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Achilles’ Heels, or Am I Being a Heel?


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The conservative media space, social and otherwise, is abuzz with another woman of the left speaking truth we wish to hear to the power of Big Media. Lara Logan is a woman of immense physical courage and moral courage. She has spoken hard truths to real power. She is a real, old-fashioned reporter. Kudos to Lara Logan are warranted. And. Lara Logan is human, like all of us, and we may choose to overlook parts of her humanity that complicate our preferred narrative.

At the height of the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood drove the Egyptian military’s geriatric President Hosni Mubarak from office with massive street protests, as a prelude to parliamentary election victory for the original Islamist movement. Lara Logan led an unarmed reporting team into a large Egyptian public square to capture the people’s story. The crowd of men turned into a mob, gang-raped, and nearly tore her limb-from-limb with their bare hands.

True to One Another – Dover Beach


@amyschley shared this piece of @kevinwilliamson’s with me, and I remarked that I especially appreciated the passage, “The opposite message — that life is hard and unfair, that what is not necessarily your fault may yet be your problem, that you must act and bear responsibility for your actions…”

This is because it doesn’t blame folks for having it tough, and isn’t assuming that those things which we cannot be faulted for are easy to bear. Nobody wants to be called to take responsibility for the crap which isn’t their fault, but often life calls for it, and we’ll fail, and still be obligated to make an effort anyhow.