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Join Greg and Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel as they welcome fundraising and polling news that significantly contradicts the idea that overturning Roe v. Wade will move midterm momentum to the Democrats. They also shudder at reports the CDC as tracking our movements through our cell phones to make sure we were complying with lockdown orders. And they take aim at the Lincoln Project and others who pretended to be conservatives for many years but are now supposedly appalled at the idea of Roe being struck down. Of course it’s all just part of their ongoing efforts to fleece liberal donors in the name of opposing the political right.

What Is Your ESG Credit Score?


Major banks are rolling out a new platform and their lending practices will be driven by your ESG score. ESG stands for your Environmental, Social, and Governance. What, you ask, does that mean? What you buy and sell, what charities you support, and your environmental impact are being tracked and translated into a score. I don’t know who the scorekeepers are, but Glenn Beck’s guest had a friend who checked his Merrill Lynch account, and he was quickly educated.He had a low score of 4.7 and didn’t understand how they arrived at that number.

No, this isn’t China, this is now being implemented here in the US, and it will affect whether you qualify for a car loan, a home loan, a business loan, or if you are a good credit risk if you are applying for other things, like a job. Did you buy a gun for example, or give to a particular political party candidate, or do you purchase meat? What kind of car do you drive, and how often do you drive it? Not kidding – this will have an impact on your freedom in the new world that is unfolding. A story in Forbes from 2019 explains it.

Money lenders are grading you by this new system because they are now being graded by the new system. Every company will be graded on their hiring practices and how many minorities and even diverse genders are hired, what their social and environmental footprint is, and they must prove it, as their scorecard will impact their ability to do business in the new world system. Their ideology is also being incorporated into education. From the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset,” being implemented into every sector, corner, and cell of our lives, these are the new rules.