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You Want Unity? Seriously?


It’s like asking a person who has gone through four years of unjustified, ceaseless torture to join up with you in running the country. Let’s be unified?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

First, let me say that I’m not a person who takes revenge, which I define as exacting punishment for a wrong in a resentful spirit. But I do feel motivated to avenge this corrupt election: I do want to inflict punishment as an act of retributive justice. At one time revenge and avenge meant the same thing, but I think the subtle difference is relevant in this situation.

Author and Uyghur human rights activist Jewher Illham joined host Ben Domenech to discuss her personal experience fighting to expose the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghur people. Illham is creating a documentary to raise awareness of the Uyghur‘s condition by amplifying survivors’ voices.

Illham, whose father was imprisoned seven years ago following his attempt to create an unbiased social media platform, argues that very few people both inside and outside of China are aware of the human rights offenses taking place. Uyghur people are faced into different levels of camps, including some that are solely used for torture.

Are Americans Indifferent to Torture?


shutterstock_217094626The protests and condemnations of the political Left and mainstream media following the election of Donald Trump have been deafening. To a great extent, many of us may have resorted to simply rolling our eyes and shrugging our shoulders since the complaints and accusations are non-stop.

But lately I’ve noticed a more insidious activity that is intended to influence the public consciousness. Although it is promoted with a veneer of truth, it is intended to continue to tarnish America’s reputation and character. In this case, the vehicle is “proving” that Americans are becoming complacent about torture. Let me show you how subtle and sinister these accusations have become.

Last week the MSM published articles on the 2016 report of the International Committee of the Red Cross. In particular the report highlights the American people as one group that has become inured to torture. They state,

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It’s at about the same time that Magna Carta came into English law and trial by ordeal was abolished. It’s often forgotten that this involved the increase in torture. We abandoned trials that used God’s direct intervention as the heuristic tool and replaced them with trials that attempted to get the truth through human means. […]

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I’m Not Sorry, Either


Khalid_Shaikh_Mohammed_after_captureJust up on the website of the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens’s latest column.  An excerpt:

I am not sorry Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the operational mastermind of 9/11, was waterboarded 183 times. KSM also murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl in 2002. He boasted about it: “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew,” he said after his capture.

I am sorry KSM remains alive nearly 12 years after his capture. He has been let off far too lightly. As for his waterboarding, it never would have happened if he had been truthful with his captors. It stopped as soon as he became cooperative. As far as I’m concerned, he waterboarded himself.

Moral Niceties and the CIA


It’s only natural for a leftist to quip “we are better than that.” That pretty much sums up the moral orientation of the liberal. The critique is little more than a wish for pleasant things that work. The self-righteous preener rarely has an answer to the question “what would you suggest to make us better than that?”

Comedian Evan Sayet has a test for identifying the liberal in the room: he’ll be the one who chooses evil over good. The test is extraordinarily accurate. On abortion a lefty will choose death over life. On economics he’ll see the maker as a greedy money grubber, and the taker as the victim who is denied social justice. He’ll defend the terrorists, who he sees as the oppressed, and who only behead because the imperialists have a foot on their necks.

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Alternate-Side Parking is a semi-regular, once or twice a week, podcast. Each episode lasts approximately as long as it takes for me to find a new alternate-side parking space in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, plus however long I feel like sitting in the driver’s seat.  In today’s episode I revisit the subject of […]

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