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Tony KatzTony Katz joins us on Whiskey Politics to discuss CNN’s downfall from a credible news source to laughing-stock including the trending #CNNBlackmail. We also discuss North Korea, Putin, and why Generation Z may just be conservative.

Tony is a radio host, author, and political and cultural commentator. He hosts both the popular Tony Katz and the Morning News and Tony Katz Today on WIBC in Indianapolis which is listened to across the country. He also hosted The Tony Katz Show on KFTK in St. Louis. Tony’s been featured at TownHall.com, ChristianPost.com, The Daily Caller, and is a Ricochet Contributor. He has also been seen on FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, and radio stations around the country. Tony can be heard live at Tony Katz Radio and on Twitter and Facebook.

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Tony KatzRicochet contributor and WIBC host Tony Katz was bashed by a listener on Facebook who in rude fashion asked, “what do you stand for?” As usual, Tony responded in epic fashion. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m in favor of making sure that I don’t have anybody else tell me how to live my life outside of my home. I stand for capitalism. Why? Capitalism is better. Capitalism creates wealth. Capitalism creates opportunity, and capitalism creates freedom.