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I’m Joining the Tony Katz Party


Tony KatzRicochet contributor and WIBC host Tony Katz was bashed by a listener on Facebook who in rude fashion asked, “what do you stand for?” As usual, Tony responded in epic fashion. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m in favor of making sure that I don’t have anybody else tell me how to live my life outside of my home. I stand for capitalism. Why? Capitalism is better. Capitalism creates wealth. Capitalism creates opportunity, and capitalism creates freedom.

I’m for the ability to smoke a cigar in my backyard without worrying whether or not the smoke wafts your way. I’m in favor of red meat — and a whole bunch of it — and I want it cooked medium-rare. Don’t give me this well-done horse crap. A well-done steak is an abomination before the Lord!