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Group Writing: Wait, Is This Guy Real?


The best sorts of parodies and fun are the ones where at first, you think it might be real. As you’re watching for awhile, a few clues start to pop up. I’m thinking about things like the show Fishing with John. Have you never seen Fishing with John? Why not? It’s time you find it and see it. In the first episode where John Lurie goes shark fishing with a friend, it’s a little odd. When I first saw it I thought, well, modern productions by modern musicians, whatever. But with each episode, it got stranger. Tom Waits sticking a live fish in his shorts, well it’s believable. But then Lurie and Willem Dafoe die in the ice fishing wilderness … or so the narrator claims. By that episode, one is already under the impression that the narrator may be unreliable.

So it also was when I first started seeing some of J. P. Sears works. Was this guy for real? Well, no, but he is really funny:

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast number 179 (!!) for June 14, 2018, it’s the Korean Condo edition of the podcast with your hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg and artificially intelligent (but naturally blue-eyed!) Mike Stopa over here on the left coast. We get together with you every week to peel back the onion skin of excruciatingly complex events and happenings in the public square. We are, you might have already figured out, the embodiment of the marketplace of ideas, yessirrreeee.

And speaking of the marketplace of ideas, we have our good friend Heather MacDonald on the show who knows a thing or two about ideas (both good and bad ideas, for that matter). Heather will give us her perspective on the North Korean Deal (Condos, beach and all) and will spout off about The Donald in the process and then we get into the meat and bones of #NeverTrump and question where we might find the synthesis between sycophants like ourselves at HLC and lunatics like, oh, Jennifer Rubin – just to throw out a name that pops to mind. Heather is, as you mostly all know by now, the Stephen Curry of conservative political punditry – moves like liquid light and scores from *way* downtown.

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I wasn’t one of the lucky few to snag a ticket when they first went on sale, but I was lucky enough to purchase one at the bargain price of £150 from a shady ticket re-sale outfit on Tottenham Road.  On the day of the concert, November 23, 2004, hopeful folks held signs outside of […]

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