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Join Jim and Greg as they break down terrible polling numbers for President Biden from two different sources – from approval to specific issues and more. Can the Republicans take advantage?  They also walk through Biden’s decisions on the Chinese spy balloon, with Jim laying out a very compelling case that Biden botched this challenge from beginning to end. Finally, their minds are blown at the news that people are willing to pay nearly $100,000 for a jar of sand purported to be from the spot where Tom Brady filmed his retirement announcement.

Another Virtue Signal Goes Broke


Samuel Bankman-Fried with US Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, outgoing chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

Before November 8, I’d never heard of Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF). I’d never heard of FTX. I didn’t know that SBF and FTX bought naming rights for the arena where the NBA’s Miami Heat play, nor the University of California at Berkeley’s football stadium.

While I’ve heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and maybe one or two other cryptocurrencies, I’d never heard of FTT, SBF’s creation. I never knew about all the love SBF bought from cultural icons like Larry David or football legend Tom Brady, who did commercials for FTX I never saw.

Tom Brady to Retire from NFL (Update: Or Is He?)


After 22 seasons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (and former New England Patriots) quarterback Tom Brady is retiring, according to ESPN.

He has won seven Super Bowl rings, the most by any single player in NFL history. He also holds the records for the most touchdown passes (624) and the most passing yards (84,250). This season, he was the leader in both touchdowns and passing yards.

Earlier in the week, appearing on his “Let’s Go” podcast with host Jim Gray, Brady used the word “satisfied” to describe his NFL career, which caught the attention of many who know a man who rarely was satisfied with his achievements. Brady cited his family’s desires as a heavy factor in his upcoming decision.

Tom Brady: Already Back to Work


You do not get to be a professional athlete in your 40s if you are not both blessed with great genes and possessed of a ferocious work ethic. That work ethic might also be characterized as a sense of self-preservation. Tom Brady has all this in spades. He led his second National Football League franchise to Super Bowl victory this past Sunday. Today, Saturday, February 13, 43 year old Tom Brady was back in training, one-on-one, with his personal trainer of many years, Alex Guerrero.

Tom Brady TrainingI have no special fondness for Brady, have ignored the NFL entirely for the past season, and last really cheered the Jim Zorn era Seahawks. Yet, I have to cheer for the old guys to win. You bet I have a George Foreman grill.

Life Lessons from Tom Brady? Well…. Maybe


Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just beat the mighty Green Bay Packers and are on their way to Super Bowl 55; coincidentally being played this year in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have won one Super Bowl. Tom Brady has taken his teams to the Super Bowl nine times and won six. We were New England Patriots fans for over twenty years while living in Boston. We’ve been in Florida since 2003 and never thought Tom Brady (or Gronkowski) would relocate their careers and homes to Florida. I asked my husband this evening: Is it because Tom Brady is such a good football player? He said he’s more than that, he’s an exceptional athlete, one of those rare people that is not only a team player but excels in leadership.

I thought about that comment because I had just gotten off the phone with my older cousin in Las Vegas, who asked me if I had watched the Biden Inauguration and the program after. I said no, and let her talk. She gushed about how she taped it and wept through the whole thing, “the young poet and her words and hand gestures reduced me to tears”, she said, “how Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem while gazing with so much love at our flag, then there was Jennifer Lopez and Tom Hanks.” She said they were cathartic tears after four years of hell. I knew my cousin and her husband were very liberal, and I thought she knew I was conservative, but I let her have her moment and stayed silent.

The home version of the Three Martini Lunch is now up and running but there is always a stool for you! After Jim revels in the news that Tom Brady’s 20-year run with the New England Patriots is over, he and Greg tackle the good, bad, and crazy martinis of the day. First, they welcome the news from Dr. Anthony Fauci that a possible coronavirus vaccine is already in the first stages of testing. They also wonder just how restrictive government officials are going to get as they down society in an effort to confront coronavirus now that San Francisco is ordering residents to shelter in place, groups larger than 10 people are discouraged, and New Jersey is dabbling with curfews. Finally, they weight both sides of the furious political and legal fight in Ohio after Gov. Mike DeWine ordered Tuesday’s primary to be postponed.

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Last night I was laying on the floor of my son’s room while reading him a bedtime story. We’ve had wildfires all week, and the smoke outside was so thick it eliminated the horizon and even distorted our view of nearby trees. We had every window closed and the inside temperature of nearly 90 degrees […]

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I typically like my sports politics free. Especially on just meat & potatoes kind of stuff. Even though I’m political I don’t like talking politics ALL the time and when I watch entertainment (sports and otherwise) I don’t like having politics thrown in my face constantly. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back, have a […]

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Hillary’s Very Brady Problem


Brady-Hillary-640x480Tom Brady just got handed a four-game suspension for his role in “Deflategate.” Poor fella. He now has to spend a month of Sundays cooped up at home with Gisele. If I were DirecTV’s braintrust, I’d try to convince Brady to do one of those Sunday package ads lickety-split. On the heels of Brady’s punishment, I posted this item at Forbes.com. My thoughts:

1) There’s an opening here for the Republican National Committee: change Reince Priebus’ job-title from chairman to commissioner. Then wait for Trump to say or do something outrageous (that won’t take long). And once he does, suspend Trump for the first four primaries and caucuses of 2016.

More seriously . . .

Tom Brady and “Deflate-gate” — The Penalty Phase


brady_CBS Sports imageThe NFL is now weighing sanctions against Tom Brady, following the completion of its “Deflate-gate” investigation and the issuance of a long report. It’s a perfect, lighter-than-air cheating scandal for fans to ponder during the long off-season.

Per the rules, a proper NFL game football “shall be made up of an inflated (12.5 to 13.5 pounds per square inch) urethane bladder enclosed in a pebble grained, leather case (natural tan color) without corrugations of any kind.” Brady’s New England Patriots were caught using balls which later tested out as low as a relatively Charmin-soft 10.5 psi. That is one soft urethane bladder!

So in an NFL where players recently have been up to things like homicide, spousal/girlfriend abuse, and excessive parental discipline, here comes the league going after its best quarterback, maybe ever, for getting locker room attendants to test the lower limits of ball-inflation requirements before the AFC Championship game with the Indianapolis Colts.